Skimble’s Workout Trainer for the iPhone: Top 20 Healthcare & Fitness App

The holidays are approaching and Skimble’s got even more ways to help you keep the pounds off and the muscles lean.  We’ve recently released Workout Trainer:


Workout Trainer motivates you to get fit with custom audio workouts.  Put your headphones on and listen to virtual trainers, Jack and Sophia, provide you with step-by-step instructional exercises with photos and videos.  These specially designed workouts target anything from weightlifting to weight loss, running to yoga and even rock climbing.  Skimble supports different levels of fitness ranging from casual beginners to intense, world-class athletes.

We want our community to know that Workout Trainer has made its way up the iTunes Healthcare & Fitness rankings: Top 20 in USA, Top 100 in 20+ countries


We’re delighted by the news, especially since we’ve been quietly growing organically.

Having a personal trainer has many perks, but consumers are hesitant to invest in one due to cost, accessibility and specialization constraints. However, who wouldn’t want a trainer to guide and motivate them throughout a workout? Now with the launch of Skimble Workout Trainer, users can turn their phones into a virtual Personal Trainer anywhere, anytime without any constraints.

Skimble members can also enjoy additional benefits included with the new Workout Trainer. Users are able to schedule workouts with built-in iPhone reminders, create their own workouts, and share any session on Facebook, Twitter and via email.  If members want a more human touch to the experience, Skimble is beginning to offer enhanced, human-voice guided workouts. In addition, some workouts are especially ideal for users who enjoy interval timers, Tabata, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Gymboss and completing CrossFit Workout of the Day.

Did we mention it’s free?  Download the new Workout Trainer and let virtual trainers, Sophia & Jack, do (most of) the heavy lifting.