Hot Workout of the Week: Summer Mobility Movements (morning stretch, lunchtime break, nighttime wind down)

It’s the first day of summer — make like the solstice with a series of mobility movements!  The free Summer Mobility Moves Workout of the Week is packed with great casual moves to do in the morning before your run, bike ride, yoga class, or walk to work. You can also do this series during a lunch break to help you take on anything your day may dish out!  These exercises are meant to be performed at a slower tempo, keeping your heart rate low, which also helps you wind down like a solstice socialite should!

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It’s the longest day of the year so you surely have time to fire up your playlist and following along to some easy-to-do body moves!  Try this one right now to ease into the night, tomorrow morning as you crawl out of bed and during your lunch break with your co-workers cheering ‘m-m-mobility‘!

Here’s the view of our hot #firstdayofsummer in downtown San Francisco: