Workout of the Week: Hurry Up and Wait + Planking Bonus — wow!

Have you ever had to hurry up and then wait around?  Say, haul *ss to the airport just to find out you have a delayed flight?  Make the the most of the stop-and-go flow with our Workout of the Week: Hurry Up and Wait!  This workout is meant to give your muscles endurance so that you can withstand long bouts of running, biking, hiking, dancing all night, playing tag, cleaning the house, you get the idea. After every exercise you’ll be asked to perform a holding exercise. Good luck!  Do it now in our Workout Trainer app on your iPhoneiPad, or Android.

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Now if that wasn’t enough push-and-go, finish up your workout session by running around town to find the best spot for some serious planking: