Do the Free Office Workout of the Week. Plus, new Office Exercises & Stretches Program!

We spend a lot of time sitting to develop top apps like Workout Trainer. It’s gotten us thinking about what we can do to stay agile at the workplace. Did you know people spend 9.3 hours a day on average sitting? This sedentary behavior has become a significant health issue…

Fittingly, our latest free Workout of the Week, the Office Chair & Wall Drill, introduces you to what can be done on/off your sitting booty.

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Whether you’re at home or at the office, simply use a sturdy chair and clear wall as your exercise props…and get moving!

If you like this workout, complete our new Office Exercises & Stretches Program!  This 14-day program is packed with office-worthy workouts that are between 5-15 minutes and on sale now for $9.99 USD.


Remember, all of Skimble’s workouts are led by certified personal trainers to give you all the guidance and motivation you need to power through.  You can do these workouts consecutively or only during the work days, our programs can be easily modified to fit your schedule.  Combat the work week fatigue and surprise your body with smooth office moves today!