Silicon Valley boosts Healthcare Startups like Skimble on Fox News via Rock Health

Think gaming startups are all the rage these days in Silicon Valley?  Think again.  With the alarming growth of the obesity epidemic, people are starting to think twice about sitting on the couch.

Some technology entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley have taken notice and are rapidly developing innovative tools to help overcome the unhealthy trends seen in the healthcare sector.  In this Fox Business News video, Rock Health’s Nate Gross shares insights about what Silicon Valley is seeing and doing to help boost the healthcare ecosystem by supporting digital startups like Skimble!  Watch it here:


What’s more, President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul estimates that healthcare spending will be 20% of the U.S. Economy By 2021.  Skimble is working hard to make welleness coaching affordable and accessible for everyone, today.  Here is Skimble’s co-founder Maria Ly in her TEDx Talk about the the power of mobile technology and personal motivation to help create a healthier lifestyle for our current and future generations: