Back-to-School Week: Monday’s 4-min Study Break Workout

Hey Skimblers – it’s Back-to-School Week!


As many of you are heading back to school, we recognize the many hours you will spend in the library this year. To support your studies, we wanted to dedicate this week to “Back-to-School” and provide you with five fun study break workouts – one workout Monday through Friday of this week!

Taking breaks can help you relieve stress, recharge your brain and reflect on your class material. So, in between your study sessions, get your heart rate up! Exercising as a student can improve your learning abilities and concentration.

Start this week with Monday’s Study Break Workout, Full Body Tabata!

4-Min Full Body Tabata – Moderate


Try this workout by downloading Workout Trainer on Google PlaySamsung Apps or the App Store. Check back tomorrow for Tuesday’s study break workout.





~ team skimble