2nd Annual Skimble Community Awards


Hey Skimblers!

Well you have done it again, you the community are holding the Annual Skimble Community Awards! This is the second year that the Skimble community has held awards for outstanding workouts created by the members and social contributions within the community. This initiative is driven by the members for the members!

We, here at Skimble, are excited that the members are continuing to find new ways to help motivate and encourage the community to live healthy and active lives! Bravo to Alan R. and Mario C. for coordinating this and congratulations to all the members for growing the Skimble community to over 15 million! We are happy to support and encourage this positive endeavor by providing some Skimble gift swag for some of the winners this year.

If you want to participate by voting in the Annual Community Awards, check out the Skimble Community Awards nomination form! Voting ends Monday January 5th.


If you are new to Skimble, join our fitness community by downloading Workout Trainer on your Android & Apple devices.



One thought on “2nd Annual Skimble Community Awards

  1. I so love my skimble community this app has help me when I don’t get a chance to get into the gym , as well as in the gym my fitfriends help me towards my goals of being and staying fit . Thanks and happy holidays to all skimble friends

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