Skimble’s Program Spotlight: #VTaper


The V taper is considered by many to be the pinnacle of physique. Obtaining the V shape not only requires dedication to training but also nutrition. Get lean and cut out that V with our V taper series of programs, there is one for every level. V Taper I gets those upper body muscles firing while introducing you to various exercises you can do for the mighty V. V Taper II builds intensity with some added pull-up bar work, while V Taper III puts it all together for max intensity workouts to get you to the finish line. Take a picture before you start and again after your final workout to see your progress! To get maximum results we recommend going through all 3 programs.

Get after that V today! Remember, you can get lifetime access to these programs for $9.99 each or Go PRO+ to gain access to all of our custom training programs in Workout Trainer.




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