Skimble’s Program Spotlight: Mini Series


We have some brand new Mini Series for those of you who can’t commit a lot of time to a program or if you just want to try something new! The Best Body mini series targets all the major muscle groups to get your body looking and feeling it’s best. Step Up & Dance incorporates dance moves and dance-inspired exercises to get you ready to hit the dance floor. Yin & Yang Yoga has 6 different style yoga practices so you can find your favorite. The Muscle Beach mini series is all about building muscle for you gym rats. Finally, our latest mini series, Adventure Endurance, will get your heart rate up and challenges your endurance with fun workouts for you to do anywhere – all you need is a little bit of space. Each themed program has 5 or 6 workouts in under 2 weeks. These Mini Series are designed to give you an opportunity to try different styles of workouts to mix up your routine. Let us know which one you like best!

Get motivated with any of our Mini Series programs today! Remember, you can get lifetime access to the Mini Series programs for $2.99 each or go PRO+ to gain access to all of our custom training programs in Workout Trainer.






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