Skimble’s Exercise 101: Dumbbell Sumo Squats

Skimble-Workout-Trainer-Exercise 101-How-To-Dumbbell-Sumo-Squats

Today we are going to show you a little more detail about one of our favorite lower body exercises, Dumbbell Sumo Squats.

Set-Up: In the standing position, move your feet to wider than hip distance apart, with your toes pointing outwards at 45 degree angles. Grab a dumbbell in both hands or one dumbbell between your two hands and hold them in front your body. Keep your back straight and press your shoulders down away from your ears.

Exercise: Bend at your knees and hips to squat down, forming 90 degree angles at your knees. Let the dumbbells lower down in front, between your legs. As you are lowering into the squat, push your hips back so that your bent knees do not pass in front of your toes. You may need to lean forward slightly at the hips, however keep your back straight. Push down through your heels and straighten your legs back up to the standing position. At the top, squeeze your butt muscles tight, tucking your tail bone under, before repeating the next rep.

General Tips: Avoid the common mistake of letting your knees pass in front of your toes, by pushing your butt back as far as possible, almost to the point which you would fall down backwards.

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