Skimble’s Program Spotlight: 5 Min Wall Sit Challenge


This program is all about building your lower body endurance and stamina into something fierce! The wall sit is a very daunting exercise for a lot of people. Get ready to kick those thoughts to the curb and totally OWN the wall sit in every aspect. This program is all bodyweight and equipment free; the only prop you will need is a sturdy wall. In order to have the best chance at mastering the 5 Minute Wall Sit Challenge on the first try, you should be able to do a 1+ minute wall sit coming in to the start of this program. If you aren’t there yet, don’t rule out this program, as you will definitely get stronger and gain more leg endurance no matter what level you start at. We welcome you to keep repeating the program until you are a pro wall sitter. Prepare for the burn and shaky legs, but most of all, prepare for greatness!

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