Skimble’s Program Spotlight: Cardio Kick


Kickboxing is a great workout that challenges your muscles, your heart and your brain! It is one of the most effective full body workouts, because it combines power, speed and endurance.

Cardio Kick: Condition introduces you to some basic kickboxing moves. This program is perfect for you to start building your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and to work on your coordination. These workouts are all around 10 minutes long, and require no equipment or just a skipping rope – short and sweet, with just the right amount of punch! Cardio Kick: Train combines the basic kickboxing movements with more challenging combinations to improve your overall fitness. The longer workouts in this moderate level program focus on building up your power and endurance.

It’s time to put on your game face, and step into the ring with Cardio Kick! You can get lifetime access to these programs for $9.99 each or Go PRO+ to gain access to all of our custom training programs in Workout Trainer.



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