Skimble’s Workout Trainer: One-Stop Coaching Shop

Verified Trainers are using Workout Trainer as a one-stop-shop to reach their clients with innovative and social fitness coaching essentials. Trainers are creating workouts with their own multimedia, suggesting nutritious meal options, inspiring with motivational messages, sharing their own fitness transformation, and leading by example!


Silvie, a San Francisco-based Yogi, shows the variety of practices she has experience teaching through the workouts she creates regularly. She loves building her reputation and getting feedback from the Skimble community.

Pauline likes to show some of her nutritious meal choices with great photos! She often lets you know what is in her recipes in case you want to try to make it too.

Darlene knows what we all struggle with! She posts many inspirational messages to help get clients through all of their fitness roadblocks.skimble-workout-trainer-personal-trainer-inspirational-message_March_Newsletter

Learn about Kristina’s personal fitness transformation and see how she is paying it forward by inspiring, challenging and motivating others to incorporate fitness into their lives.

Not only is Micah a very experienced trainer with certifications from ACE, NSCA and NASM, he also leads by example and completes many of the workouts he creates for his clients and the Skimble community!

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