Keep your clients on their toes with 1:1 Training in Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer by Skimble: How to Get started with Online Personal Training

1:1 Training in Workout Trainer enables fitness professionals to coach their clients near and far. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to train existing clients with remote workout assignments, or grow your business by training new online clients in your downtime. We have just the solution for you! Skimble’s new Online Personal Training marketplace allows trainers to earn extra income and maximize their time with flexibility. Learn more about the tools available to you as a Verified Trainer in Workout Trainer, and how you can keep your clients motivated to reach their fitness goals every step of the way.

Send Trainer-Client Messages

Once you’ve set up 1:1 Training with your clients, you’ll be able to find them in the ‘Clients’ tab in the left side menu. Tapping through on a client’s name will take you to the 1:1 messaging stream, where you can easily share a variety of training content with your clients. You can send text-based messages of your own or use any of the message templates provided in-app. To use one of these message templates, simply tap the ‘+’ icon to the left of the text field.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: 1:1 Training Content: Message Stream

Share Training Content

The same ‘+’ icon to the left of the text field will allow you to send custom multimedia exercises, workouts and workout collections to your clients. Select what kind of training content you want to share and follow the guidelines on the screen.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: 1:1 Training Content: Share Exercise, Workout, Collection

Send Progress Photos

By tapping the ‘+’ icon to the left of the text field you’ll also be able to send and receive photos in the messaging stream. This is a great way for clients to share their progress pics in private, or even for you to give specific feedback that may require a visual to help the client understand your instructions better.

Client Progress Tracking

From the messaging stream, you can view individual client fitness assessments and overall progress tracking. Simply tap the ‘stats’ icon at the top right under the settings cog to reach the ‘Client Details’ page. Here you can find the client’s fitness assessment information, along with a quick snapshot of their progress so far. By tapping ‘Workout History’ you’ll be able to see exactly which workouts they have completed, and by going into ‘Stats’ you’ll be taken to a more detailed view of their weekly progress.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Online Personal Training: Client Details

Client Billing and Payment Processing for Trainers

Skimble’s Online Personal Training marketplace is equipped to handle all the processing and payment aspects related to remote coaching. Clients can securely book your services directly from your Trainer profile page using their credit card in-app, and other forms of payment such as Apple Pay on our website. Trainers can create easy-to-follow coaching content for their clients and track their progress to make sure clients stay accountable and achieve their goals.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Online Personal Training: Payment Options

Skimble is excited to provide a robust online coaching solution that enables Trainers to expand their reach and make money online. Trainers who are actively using paid 1:1 Training are generally compensated on a monthly basis directly to their US bank accounts. There is no cost to get started and, similar to other general e-learning marketplaces, Skimble offers a competitive service fee when Clients book 1:1 Training through our platform. Learn more about this on our Trainer FAQ page.

Are you a certified fitness professional looking to grow your business? Submit your certs today and get verified as a Skimble Trainer. Join the mobile fitness movement and take your coaching to the next level with Online Personal Training in Workout Trainer on Android and iOS.

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