Workout Trainer: How to Create Workouts on the Web

Workout Trainer by Skimble: How to Create Workouts on the Web

Our Workout Trainer community spoke, and we’ve listened! Here’s a much sought-after feature that will benefit trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike. The Workout Trainer app gives you the ability to create content anywhere, anytime, but sometimes you just want to get behind your computer and smash out some workouts.

Did you know that you can now create workouts on the web? Head on over to the Skimble website and start creating your first workout from the comfort of your computer. Select the Workouts tab from the top header menu, then tap ‘Add New’ to get started. Here you can create workouts on our website the same way you would in the Workout Trainer app.

Workout Trainer: How to Create Workout on the Web

Start by selecting the language you want to use to create your workout. We currently support localized versions of the app in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Come up with a creative name for your workout and write a description to summarize its purpose. Next, select the difficulty of the workout based on the average intensity of the exercises you’re using. For now, skip the cover photo and publishing steps until you’re ready to go-live with your workout.

Workout Trainer: How to Create Workouts on the Web

Tap ‘Add a set’, then ‘Add an exercise’ to start creating your workout. Create your workout by adding a Set and fill it with the exercises you want. You can select moves from our extensive database just like you would in the Workout Trainer app. You can search by name, equipment, muscle group, popular exercises, or even incorporate any of the unique exercises you’ve created in the app. Select the exercise you want to include and set the playback options before tapping ‘Save’. Here you can choose the duration of each exercise or the number of reps you want to be performed.

Workout Trainer: How to Create Workouts on the Web

At the top of each exercise set, you can adjust the number of rounds, as well as delete, duplicate, and reorder them. Remember, you can add timed and rep-based exercises with custom playback options to any set. Copy, duplicate, and rearrange as you see fit until you’ve perfected your sweat session!

Workout Trainer: How to Create Workouts on the Web

When you’ve finished creating your workout, head back up to the top of the page to select a cover photo. Simply tap the gray square and you’ll be able to choose an image associated with one of the exercises you’ve included in your workout. When you’re ready, make sure the Published toggle is green and select Public or Private from the drop-down menu below. Create public workouts as teaser content to showcase on your trainer profile or member profile so potentials clients and friends can instantly access them. Create private workouts to send to your 1:1 training clients for their use only, or even for your own personal use. This is a great marketing tool that can help you grow your online coaching business!

Workout Trainer: How to Create Workouts on the Web

You can share your workouts on social media, or even send them to clients directly on the web. Simply tap the blue Skimble Share button, select one of your clients, and hit Send! Make sure you’ve completed at least one workout in the app first to be able to access workout creation on our website. Verified Trainers can create workouts on the web right away, just submit your personal trainer certifications to get verified and start using our Trainer Tools to grow your business.

Try it out today! Create your first workout on the Skimble website and play it in the Workout Trainer app for iOS and Android to get the best multimedia experience.

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