Workout Trainer: New Programs to Ring in the New Year

Workout Trainer: New 2022 Training ProgramsThe start of each year comes with a fresh set of intentions, and in our case, some brand spankin’ new programs! Whether you’ve decided to stay home with family and friends this holiday season, or you’ve hit the road on your next adventure, we’ve got the perfect bodyweight program coming your way to kick start your 2022 fitness goals. Brand Spankin’ New You is a two-week training program that’ll help you sweat out the holiday pounds, and most importantly, have loads of fun while you’re doing it.

Look out for new program releases as they hit the app over the coming months and let us know which ones you love. From cardio/HIIT-style programs to strength training basics, we’ve got something for everyone. Why not try to learn a new skill this year? Master the basics of meditation and mindfulness, or start one of our energizing month-long yoga challenges. Go PRO+ to gain access to ALL the programs we’ve created for you in Workout Trainer!

Download the latest Workout Trainer update on your Android & iOS devices to get the best all-around experience. You’re just a few touches away from becoming the healthiest, fittest, strongest version of you!

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