NEW: Track 70+ Sports Activities

Calling all sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers! Keep track of all your athletic pursuits and general sports shenanigans in one fitness app. Workout Trainer just got a serious upgrade, which will make tracking your sports activities feel like a breeze.

With the latest free Workout Trainer app update, not only can you play thousands of follow-along workouts but you can now conveniently track over 70 different sports activities all in one place. Whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, soccer, basketball, pickleball, paddleboarding, paragliding, power cheer, golf, or any other sport, we’ve got you covered! Let’s jump into the details of this exciting new feature.

Launch the latest Workout Trainer app update. Head to your Home / Dashboard and tap on the green ‘Track Activity’ button under your workout calendar.

Now, we know you like to be meticulous about your sports adventures, and we respect that. How long did you rock that activity? How far did you go? And let’s not forget STYLE. For each active pursuit, you can log how long you’ve spent exercising as well as other relevant details like distance traveled and the type / style of the activity (e.g. Trail Running, Ashtanga Yoga, Sport Climbing, Karate Martial Arts, Backcountry Skiing, etc.). You can jot down the calories burned and even add a note about your ‘sufferfest’ sesh. We want to hear all about it! It’s all part of your fitness journey, after all. Here’s an example of what you can track for skiing:

You can also search for activities and as you track certain activities often, they will appear higher in the list of options for super quick access. If you’ve fallen behind, rest assured you can simply tap on your workout calendar > select the + ‘Log an Activity’ on a previous day and keep your training streak going.

Feeling social? Your friends will get updates about your adventures just like they do when you complete a workout in-app. So remember when friends cheered you on when you completed a challenging workout? Don’t forget to return the favor! Be generous with those ‘likes’ when you see your buddies conquering mountains, taming waves, or hitting birdies. We’re all in this together!

Grab that free app update of Workout Trainer and start tracking your all your sports activities in one spot. We’ll be there, cheering you on every step of the way.

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