Workout Trainer global app drop: 10+ languages

🌍🎉 Big News from Skimble’s Workout Trainer app 🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♀️ We’ve gone GLOBAL 🌐 Now available in 10+ languages! We’re talking French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian right now.
👉 Play through 1000+ workouts and exercises, plus 100+ comprehensive programs…now translated in YOUR language!
📲 If your device language is already set and we support it, you’ll see the magic happen instantly. Or, switch between languages in-app, anytime.
🙌 A HUGE shoutout to our amazing community. Special thanks for reviewing and adding top celebrity YouTube workouts in their local languages – these international coaches and members are the real MVPs. Danke! Obrigado! Спасибо! ありがとう!

💪 So let’s go! Update your go-to Workout Trainer app to access your localized experience now:













🌟 Like what you see? Then get the latest free Workout Trainer app update by Skimble and dive into exercises, workouts, and programs in your language!

If you have any feedback, translation suggestions, and/or new language requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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Team Skimble

Skimble Launches Workout Trainer in Chinese: 健身教练

Skimble Workout Trainer in Chinese - available on Galaxy Apps and iTunes App Store你好,中国!

If you can read that, you will probably be stoked to learn that Skimble’s popular Workout Trainer app is now available in Chinese.

健身教练 「Workout Trainer」is built for Chinese-speaking members, complete with thousands of exercises, dynamic workouts, and multi-week training programs!
健身教练 Workout Trainer by Skimble

You can get the Chinese version on Android via Samsung Galaxy Apps in China 中国, and if you are one of the 50 million overseas Chinese, you can also get the update on Google Play. If you are an iOS device user, get the Chinese-ready update via the iTunes Apps Store. Existing members can log in and switch their language preference in-app (side nav Settings > Language > 中文).

Skimble Workout Trainer launches in Chinese for iOS and Android


Skimble Workout Trainer - Chinese edition

健身教练 有以下功能:

✓ 教练音频指令和进度提示教你健身

✓ 漂亮的运动照片和高清的视频详细介绍了每个举动

✓ 免费健康测试让你定制体验

✓ 轻松创建和使用我们的多媒体锻炼文库

✓ 新鲜的内容:每周锻炼挑战,主屏幕锻炼工具

✓ 通过电子邮件,Email 和 SMS 分享您的锻炼

✓ 锻炼时播放你喜欢的音乐

✓ 了解我们的20万大军锻炼者的社区

✓ 观看高清健身示范视频带专业版音频指导

✓ 尝试社区新建议的锻炼

✓ 練習與健身訓練軟件

✓ 享受成就感

Skimble Workout Trainer in Chinese - 健身教练 锻炼课程 健康和健身应用程序

1. 健身教练 Workout Trainer 如今在中国提供。与我们在中国的社区连接!
2. 全新的内容。 运动健身社区同教练!
3. 方便地锻炼你的客户和粉丝。
Skimble Workout Trainer for China - the Chinese exercise and fitness community!

健身教练 Workout Trainer 是您的个人健康教练

如何做练习: 仰卧起坐,俯卧撑,弯头普朗克,模拟登山运动,伯比练习,波比,自行车仰卧起坐,俯式撑体,腹斜肌,侧平板支撑手抬高转体,背靠墙直角坐,特效瘦大腿,抬臀,屈膝仰卧抬臀,哑铃二头肌卷发,交替俯身哑铃行,哑铃卧推,倾向于哑铃卧推,交替卷腹,弓箭步,弓步蹲,跨部蹲,蹲起,深蹲,触足卷腹,俯卧两头起,仰卧屈膝提髋,平板交替伸手抬腿,側撐體,侧卧撑,腹斜肌,侧卧撑,对侧平板支撑抬腿收腹,剩下侧平板支撑抬腿收腹,原地抬腿跑,臀部运动,开合跳,钻石俯卧撑,跪钻石俯卧撑,跪姿钻石俯卧撑,骤降,背椅仰卧撑