Skimble’s Trainer Spotlight: Matt Miller

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Trainer Spotlight: Matt Miller

Meet Matt, Skimble‘s featured Trainer! This bodybuilder from Seattle has a passion for science and loves sharing his knowledge about health & fitness. We recently had the chance to chat with Matt Miller and learn more about his background, as well as his love for writing about this industry.

Tell us a bit about where you’re from?

Matt: I’m from Seattle, Washington. My background is diverse, I studied in college as both a business and science major, with an emphasis on biology and physiology on track to become a Medical Doctor. After school, I entered into the field of Real Estate and Development. I have always been very active in sports from childhood, playing soccer, tennis and running track. I have been working out since my early teens and got into bodybuilding after college.

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

Matt: Simple, my passion for helping others live a more healthy active lifestyle. Also, I noticed so many people needing guidance when they tried to start a program. I would have people approach me often in the gym asking me how to get results or advise on techniques etc. I decided after training for a competition that I would really enjoy helping others on their fitness journey. When people have the proper instruction/tools and are taught how to use them, they have far more success in achieving their goals. I want to be the best fitness educator I can be!

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Trainer Spotlight: Matt Miller

What are your training specialties?

Matt: My training specialties are first Bodybuilding, most of my workouts are based upon Bodybuilding principals. My secondary specialties would be weight loss and general fitness. I like to learn as many training modalities as possible. I also like to incorporate, stretching, Pilates and Yoga into my practice. Having been a long distance runner I enjoy training clients for distance events like marathons too.

On your profile, you mentioned that you’re a Health & Fitness writer too. What kinds of things do you write about?

Matt: Yes, I truly enjoy researching and writing articles about fitness, my favorites are about nutrition, I guess that stems from my enjoying science. I also wrote and published an online magazine and blog about bodybuilding and fitness for several years. I really enjoyed interviewing athletes and fitness industry experts on a variety of topics.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Trainer Spotlight: Matt Miller

How did you first hear about Workout Trainer?

Matt: I read an article on a technology blog about how fitness apps were going to revolutionize the way people trained and came across Workout Trainer shortly after.

How do you use the app as a part of your personal life and/or coaching business?

Matt: I’ve found that it really helps me be more creative with my workouts as it provides a large variety of content to choose from. I can design and share workouts for my clients to do anywhere, at any time based upon their needs. It helps me track both my progress and my clients.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Trainer Spotlight: Matt Miller

What’s your favorite feature in the app?

Matt: That’s a difficult question, I like so many of them! I would say the 1:1 training feature, it provides me a streamlined way to keep track of my clients’ workouts and gives them the ability to ask questions without having to make an appointment. It makes my training so much more effective since the client can refer back and not be pressured by a clock.

What keeps you motivated to stay fit yourself?

Matt: I would have to say I want to stay fit to stay active, life is so much better when you have the ability to do things that you like to do and having a fit body allows us to do that.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Trainer Spotlight: Matt Miller

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working out?

Matt: I really enjoy spending time with my family and I also like to spend my spare time outdoors. 

Finally, can you share a secret health/fitness tip with the Skimble community…

Matt: Set reasonable goals, and remember everyone had to start somewhere!

Thanks for sharing with us, Matt, we’re excited to see what the future will bring for you and your training biz!

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