Workout Trainer: Quick How-To Guide and Expert Tips

Workout Trainer 101: Quick How-To and Expert TipsAs you may know, Workout Trainer allows you the flexibility to work out anywhere, anytime with move-by-move workouts created by certified fitness professionals. Are you a newbie exploring the app for the first time? Have you already done a few workouts using the app and are you ready to push your own training boundaries? Wherever you are in your fitness journey, just know we’re here to help every step of the way! Below is a quick guide with expert tips to help newcomers and regulars alike get the most out of their Workout Trainer experience.

For starters, make sure you download the FREE Workout Trainer app on your Android & iOS devices! Also available on Galaxy Apps and the Amazon Appstore. Next, let’s explore the app’s main sections:

Fitness Assessment and Recommendations
Move-by-Move Workouts
  • do workouts that target your fitness needs at any given time
  • choose from thousands of free and pro multimedia workouts
  • find new challenges to keep pushing your limits with our Workout of the Week releases
  • learn new exercises and practice your old favorites with our 2000+ exercise library
  • expert tip: create unlimited workouts and exercises (this is a pro+ feature)
Custom Training Programs
  • enroll in a multi-week training program to hit your specific goals
  • create your own personalized schedule to work out wherever, whenever it works best for you!
  • set calendar reminders to stay on track and hold yourself accountable
  • expert tip: create your own training programs (this is a pro+ feature)
Online Personal Trainers
  • find real online trainers who can provide you with added support and accountability
  • follow trainer profiles to get updates, expert tips, and workout motivation
  • sample content before you sign up with a free trial of your choice
  • expert tip: if you’re a certified trainer, sign up for your free trainer profile and get started with our innovative trainer tools
Multi-Million Member Fit Community
  • get global updates and forums that allow you to connect with like-minded community members
  • use the leaderboard to challenge yourself and stay motivated
  • follow other members and trainers who inspire you
  • expert tip: invite your friends to stay motivated together, share your fave workouts, and see what they are doing to stay active
Go-To Home Tab
  • your custom dashboard includes created and completed workouts, enrolled training programs, and tailored recommendations
  • easily access the 1:1 messaging stream between you and your online personal trainer
  • get updates and recommendations from your friends in Workout Trainer
  • expert tip: do the updated fitness assessment, and try to hit your weekly workout goal (we love to come across members on a streak!)

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Quick How-To Guide and Expert TipsAre you ready to get started? Download or update the FREE Workout Trainer app on your Android or iOS devices. See what’s new and let us know what your favorite feature is!

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