Workout Trainer for Android now has hi-def VIDEO!

It’s out! Our newest update for our Android fitness buffs, available in Google Play, includes some sweet new features to get you psyched to work up a sweat! We hope those New Year’s resolutions haven’t been forgotten… but if they have, this update will surely reinvigorate you to get back on track in time for the upcoming summer months.

The biggest change our Android Pro members will see is the ability to watch hi-def instructional exercise videos, which we think will better demonstrate to you proper form and efficient movement.  Many of our previous workouts have been updated with video, so now’s the time to revisit some of those workouts you haven’t tried in a while!

We’ve also paid close attention to feedback from some of our users who need a little kick in the pants to stay motivated.  You now have the ability to add workouts to your phone’s calendar and reschedule workout programs you may have fallen behind in, so there’s no excuse to slack off!   

Try the new update today and let us know what you think! We’ve got you covered in Google Play. 

Workout Trainer launches on Kindle Fire & Amazon Appstore

Skimble’s Workout Trainer app has just launched on Kindle Fire and the Amazon Appstore!





Workout Trainer for Amazon Appostore includes that same great multimedia fitness coaching experience that has helped improved the lives of millions of its members.

Of course, Skimble services are synchronized across Kindle Fire, Android phones, iPhones and iPads!  If you have multiple supported devices, make sure to log in to Workout Trainer with your Skimble account information to enjoy your exisiting workout experience on each device!


Furthermore, Skimble is one of the first to go live on Amazon Appstore with seamless in-app and subscription billing as Bloomberg, TechCrunchMashableUSA Today and more report.

For those of you who are new the the Kindle Fire, check it out here — it’s pretty nifty!