App Tip: Advanced Workout Creation in Workout Trainer


Have you enjoyed playing workouts in the newly updated Workout Trainer app? Ready to start creating your own workouts with your favorite exercises? Below are some tips on how to create custom workouts using our latest features!

Workout Creation Tips:

1. Select the ‘+’ icon to begin creating a workout. You can find the ‘+’ icon on the home screen and in the workouts tab.


2. Add exercises to your workout set. You can choose exercises by typing in the search bar, browsing by muscle group or equipment and by looking through popular exercises. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can add a new exercise!


3. You can choose how you want each exercise performed by customizing the playback options. Depending on the exercise, you can set it to be completed for a duration OR for a target number of reps. You can even select reps until failure! Additional optional details can be included, such as load type and level, as well as target effort level. Check out the ‘info’ icon on this screen in the app for examples of how to use these variables.


4. Finalize your exercises. After you have built your set of exercises you can easily remove, swap, edit playback options, duplicate and re-order exercises.


5. Finalize your workout. Make any last adjustments to your sets. You can edit the number of times a set is to be completed (this is the ’rounds’), duplicate a set, remove a set and re-order the sets.


One more thing, if you are a Trainer or Pro you can even personalize your workouts with your own instructional exercise photos!

Start exploring our advanced workout creation features in the latest WORKOUT TRAINER app for Android & Apple devices. We’d love to see what kind of workouts you love to do and share!

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App Tip: Advanced Playback in Workout Trainer

Skimble Workout Trainer - Advanced Custom Media PlayerLast week, we released our latest Workout Trainer app update. This BIG update includes a redesigned workout player, giving you an enhanced playback experience. Keep reading for some great tips on how to make the most of the new Workout Trainer player features and functionality.

Workout Playback Tips:

1. Tap the arrow icon in the top left corner of the blue progress pane to minimize the exercise video and pictures. To return back to the default view, simply tap on the current video or photo.


2. See exercise instruction text by tapping the info icon in the top right of the blue progress pane.


3. Rep-based exercises can be completed at your own pace. When you are done with your reps, use the red ‘TAP DONE’ button to progress to the next exercise.


Remember to get the latest version of Workout Trainer to get this enhanced playback experience.

4. Time-based exercises will automatically progress to the next exercise when the time is completed.


5. You can pause your workout by tapping anywhere on the screen. On iOS devices, you can access your music and modify other playback settings, like expert audio mode and turning video off, by tapping the icons in the top right. Android users can modify their playback options in Settings.

Skimble Workout Trainer - Player Overlay

Start exploring our new playback functionality by getting the latest WORKOUT TRAINER app update on all your Android & Apple devices today!

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