Skimble Member Spotlight: Megan Rogers

We were so inspired by the response we’ve seen in our new Community Forums, that we’ve decided to showcase some of our most motivating Skimblers in a new series dubbed Member Spotlight.

This is our first in the series, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce Megan Rogers!   


We snagged her for a quick interview so we could get to know one of our super motivated fitness gurus. Here’s what we found out:

Skimble: How has the Workout Trainer changed your fitness routine?

Megan: In Nov 2010 I I was a little overwhelmed with moving across the country, buying a house, eating out too much and drinking maybe just a little too much beer. Around Oct of 2011 I discovered Skimble Workout Trainer…and lo and behold working out was fun again.  Then I discovered that you can get points! Not only was working out fun, but it had a purpose! Points! I eventually recruited one of my friends to sign up and we started competing against each other every month.


Skimble: What your next fitness goal?

Megan: I’m climbing Mt. Rainier the week of July 14. I want to make it to the top…and if the weather is good, I will make it to the top because Skimble has kept me on track with training!


Skimble:  If you could choose your favorite thing about Skimble, what would it be?

Megan: I like the community aspect…it’s very supportive. I also like all the new workouts in Workout Trainer because I live off of novelty. Getting points for working out almost makes it seem like a game! 


Skimble: What’s a fun fact about you?

Megan: I’m a hydrologist with the USGS and I get to chase floods when they happen. That usually means lifting heavy equipment for measuring flood flows. As a short woman, I pride myself on being able to do everything that the guys can do. 🙂


Thanks Megan — You ROCK!  Y’all can support Megan on her Mt. Rainier journey by following her Skimble profile!

***If you’d like to be considered for a future Member Spotlight segment, make sure to exercise regularly and shoot us a note at***