Photo & Video Recap of Skimble’s Happy Hour at Rock Health + EatLifeWhole & Lombardi Sports treats!

Yesterday, we had our first Skimble Happy Hour at our Rock Health office.  What better way to start the weekend than with a bunch of hyper-healthy friends?  First in our recap, don’t you just love it when things start off with a girl-powered pyramid?  We do!

Then the fitness games really took shape.  Being a health & fitness startup, we figured we’d put some of our friends to the test with a mini-series of workout challenges.  Everyone who participated entered into our raffle to win some sweet gift certificates from Lombardi Sports and GSeriesFit product.  Raffle winners incl. Wayne, Steph & Jeremy — congrats!

Here’s us doing the 2 Min Elbow Plank Challenge with a twist by chugging some beer…after all, it’s our happy hour!

Our final fitness test of the night? The Extreme Plank Pyramid Challenge rigorously timed by one of our Global Trainers, Tif from Tif-fiT!  This one was a pure power-endurance effort and not for the faint at heart.  We certainly recommend you try it, perhaps after you watch the video of us doing to figure out who actually completed it — who’s in?

Of course, everyone needed to refuel after that with some deliciously healthy soup & salad provided by the lovely ladies from EatLifeWhole.

Finally, why do we do all this?  We love to have fun, laugh and inspire others to live well.  Just take a look at some of the fit community members we’ve helped today:

Thanks for all your incredible support, skimblers!