How Trainers Coach Their Clients in Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer by Skimble: How Trainers Are Coaching Their Clients in Workout Trainer

Skimble Verified Trainers have all kinds of awesome tricks up their sleeve to help get their clients to where they want to be. Online trainers have found effective ways to engage clients in a remote training relationship, motivate them to stay on track to reach their goals, and even have fun along the way.Workout Trainer by Skimble: How Trainer Coach Their Clients with Online Personal TrainingWe’ve compiled some of our favorite tips and tricks that can help inspire you how to coach your clients online in Workout Trainer:

Create & Send Training Content To Clients

Certified fitness professionals are using Skimble’s growing array of trainer tools to coach their clients anywhere, anytime. Creating custom exercises, workouts, workout collections, and training programs has never been easier. The 1:1 Messaging Stream makes it easy for trainers to send all types of training content directly to their clients, as well as a safe place for clients to get answers to any of their fitness-related questions.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: How Trainer Coach Their Clients with Online Personal Training

Motivate Clients With Tips, Advice & Pics

One of the things that most people struggle with at some stage in their fitness journey is motivation. Trainers are using the 1:1 Messaging Stream, and even their own Trainer profiles in Workout Trainer, to keep their clients motivated. Next time you’re short on inspiration share an exclusive tip with a client, some useful advice to get them through their next workout session, or maybe even a supportive pic (aka #fitspo) that can get them psyched to move. If you’re looking for inspiration about what to send your clients, try one of our Message Templates.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: How Trainer Coach Their Clients with Online Personal Training

Track Client Progress with Workout Stats

Trainers also have the ability to oversee their clients’ progress in Workout Trainer. Make sure your clients enable this feature so you can gain access to their fitness assessment, workout history, and training stats. Your 1:1 clients can also share private progress pics with you through the Messaging Stream.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: How Trainer Coach Their Clients with Online Personal Training

Hundreds of Verified Trainers are using Workout Trainer to coach their clients — are you ready to take advantage of this better way of coaching? Build your Trainer profile for free and start growing your business with 1:1 Online Personal Training now!

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Olympic Gold Series: Full Recap

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Olympic Gold SeriesGet into the Olympic spirit with this mini series of workouts inspired by all of our favorite sports, including weightlifting, swimming, boxing and gymnastics. After this set of workouts you will feel like an athlete going for gold at the Olympic Games! Whether you are working towards flat abs, strong muscles, V-shape back, toned shoulders, or a lean body there is a workout for you. You need a barbell, bench and pull up bar to get through this program. Go for Gold with these five workouts: Ready for Rio, Olympic Weightlifting, Swim Like Phelps, Boxing Gold and Gym-nast Strength.Workout Trainer by Skimble: Olympic Gold Series: Ready for RioWorkout Trainer by Skimble: Olympic Gold Series: Olympic WeightliftingWorkout Trainer by Skimble: Olympic Gold Series: Swim Like PhelpsWorkout Trainer by Skimble: Olympic Gold Series: Boxing GoldWorkout Trainer by Skimble: Olympic Gold Series: Gym-nast StrengthIf you’re new to Skimble, our Workout of the Week challenges offer you fresh ways to be fit. Download Workout Trainer on your Android & Apple devices and do your first workout! Remember, if you want to stay up-to-date with our Workout of the Week challenges, be sure to have your Workout Trainer notifications turned ON in the app!

Workout Trainer for Android - Google Play store downloadWorkout Trainer for iOS - iTunes App Store download

Exercise How-To: Heisman Shuffle

Exercise How-To: Heisman Shuffle

Did you enjoy Football game day yesterday? Learn this exercise to prepare for game day like your favorite NFL players. You could even do these while you’re watching the big game! Start in a standing position with knees slightly bent and upper body braced. Shuffle quickly to the left two times. On the second step, lift your right leg up to hip height. Quickly shuffle to the right two times and on second step, lift your right leg to hip height. Check out this exercise and more by downloading Workout Trainer for Android and iOS.

Butt Workout of the Week: Natural Booty Pops


Butts, don’t be bashful! We’ve been thinking about you. If you long for a perkier backside, then you’ve picked the right workout. Do this workout a few times a week and you’ll notice a natural pop in that booty of yours. Get off your rear and do the Natural Booty Pops now.

 alt=  alt=

This isn’t a gimmick, tomorrow you’ll realize that butt soreness means progress. Keep IT up!

Do the Free Office Workout of the Week. Plus, new Office Exercises & Stretches Program!

We spend a lot of time sitting to develop top apps like Workout Trainer. It’s gotten us thinking about what we can do to stay agile at the workplace. Did you know people spend 9.3 hours a day on average sitting? This sedentary behavior has become a significant health issue…

Fittingly, our latest free Workout of the Week, the Office Chair & Wall Drill, introduces you to what can be done on/off your sitting booty.

 alt= alt=

Whether you’re at home or at the office, simply use a sturdy chair and clear wall as your exercise props…and get moving!

If you like this workout, complete our new Office Exercises & Stretches Program!  This 14-day program is packed with office-worthy workouts that are between 5-15 minutes and on sale now for $9.99 USD.


Remember, all of Skimble’s workouts are led by certified personal trainers to give you all the guidance and motivation you need to power through.  You can do these workouts consecutively or only during the work days, our programs can be easily modified to fit your schedule.  Combat the work week fatigue and surprise your body with smooth office moves today!

Photo & Video Recap of Skimble’s Happy Hour at Rock Health + EatLifeWhole & Lombardi Sports treats!

Yesterday, we had our first Skimble Happy Hour at our Rock Health office.  What better way to start the weekend than with a bunch of hyper-healthy friends?  First in our recap, don’t you just love it when things start off with a girl-powered pyramid?  We do!

Then the fitness games really took shape.  Being a health & fitness startup, we figured we’d put some of our friends to the test with a mini-series of workout challenges.  Everyone who participated entered into our raffle to win some sweet gift certificates from Lombardi Sports and GSeriesFit product.  Raffle winners incl. Wayne, Steph & Jeremy — congrats!

Here’s us doing the 2 Min Elbow Plank Challenge with a twist by chugging some beer…after all, it’s our happy hour!

Our final fitness test of the night? The Extreme Plank Pyramid Challenge rigorously timed by one of our Global Trainers, Tif from Tif-fiT!  This one was a pure power-endurance effort and not for the faint at heart.  We certainly recommend you try it, perhaps after you watch the video of us doing to figure out who actually completed it — who’s in?

Of course, everyone needed to refuel after that with some deliciously healthy soup & salad provided by the lovely ladies from EatLifeWhole.

Finally, why do we do all this?  We love to have fun, laugh and inspire others to live well.  Just take a look at some of the fit community members we’ve helped today:

Thanks for all your incredible support, skimblers!