Workout of the Week: Power Ups & Downs. Do it now using the Top 5 Health/Fitness iPad app, Workout Trainer!

There are two certainties in life:

  1. Pizza is the most amazing food on the planet
  2. When we serve you a workout that consists of constant upward & downward exercises, you’ll kick your hiney so hard, you’ll be able to enjoy as much pizza as you want. What a combo!

We challenge you to do Skimble’s Workout of the Week: Power Ups & Downs



Power up your iPad and complete this W.O.W using the Top 5 Healthcare & Fitness iPad app in the App Store, Workout Trainer by Skimble!  Thank you to everyone for helping us get there organically.  You make us feel like a baddass honey badger – our global trainer, Greg, sure thinks so:

But remember kids, no one has to eat like one…

Workout Trainer for iPad Launches! Time to ditch those ’80s fitness DVDs.

Keep the leg warmers but please ditch those ’80s fitness DVDs!  Load up your fave music playlist and follow along to Skimble’s Workout Trainer for iPad.  We’ve got a superb selection of ab-crunching, arm-pumping and body-building workouts in our latest iPad and iPhone release.  Built on the functionality that organically made Workout Trainer for iPhone a top free Healthcare & Fitness app, our iPad version is aptly suited to pack a punch!


Doctors prescribe ways for you to be healthy…but personal trainers MAKE you do it.  Skimble’s virtual and real trainers strive to do just that!  Select your trainer and go with the flow – you’ll be motivated and on track in no time.


Try it right now…clear some space, prop up your iPad and follow along to one of our interactive workouts.  They’re equipped with multimedia instructions and a unique audio coaching system!  If you want something totally new, try Shakerciser…it’s pretty much self explanatory:


Skimble Workout of the Week…WoW!

On that note, we challenge you to do Skimble’s new Workout of the Week (WoW) on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch: The Awesome Body Circuit



And in case you missed it, get psyched by watching a clip from the 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship competition in San Francisco:


Workout Trainer now comes with Shakerciser! Shake your iPhone and instantly get a new workout.

Bored with your existing/non-existent workout regime?  Shake things up with Skimble’s latest iPhone app, Workout Trainer!  Our latest update now comes with Shakerciser:


Simply shake your iPhone for a new workout based on how much time you have, what body areas you want to focus on and your preferred difficulty level.  It’s like having your own personal trainer coaching you through specially-designed workouts.


Every workout created using Shakerciser is unique in order to keep your muscles guessing.  Futher, workouts developed with Shakerciser come with digital audio training so members can easily listen in and follow-along to stay motivated and on track.


Try Shakerciser now in our latest update of Workout Trainer by Skimble – start with a shake, sweat-it-out, and schedule new workouts for life!


Do the ‘Obama Presidents Day Fitness Fun’ workout with Skimble’s Workout Trainer iPhone app – free!

Happy Presidents Day!  Do your country a favor and get ready-to-rumble in Barack Obama presidential style.  We challenge you to be a fit citizen and do our new, feel-good 5 minute ‘Obama Presidents Day Fitness Fun‘ workout.


It’s time to hustle!  This audio workout is brought to you for free for a limited time in the Skimble Workout Trainer iPhone app.


Who’s Kim? The new and free Digital+ Coach in Skimble’s Workout Trainer iPhone app. Listen to her!

Skimble’s latest Workout Trainer iPhone app update is live!  If you haven’t already, try a workout with our new coach, Kim!  She has a great voice.

Kim’s equipped with an improved and free Digital+ audio voice.


In addition, you can create your own workouts and access our media-rich exercise library.


Improved offline-mode, great for iPod Touch users who aren’t always connected to the Internet.




iTunes App Store Features Skimble’s Workout Trainer in the ‘Get in Shape’ Showcase

Skimble’s Workout Trainer app is being featured in the iTunes App Store’s showcase!


In this ‘Get in Shape’ showcase, the folks at Apple handpicked essential Healthcare & Fitness apps that are motivating them to live healthy with tips on exercise, nutrition, and more.  We’re thrilled to be included, especially since Workout Trainer organically grew to be a top free Healthcare & Fitness app.  Here are some quotes from real people getting and staying in shape with Workout Trainer:


Download the new Skimble iPhone App & get tracking!

The latest Skimble iPhone app has just hit the iTunes App Store.?? Get the Skimble iPhone 2.0 update now ??

Hot damn, that looks pretty sweet.?? So what’s new?

  • Browse by activity or location on an interactive map
  • New look & feel including the ability to search for sports
  • Deeper tracking for racquet & team sports: teammates, scores & match details
  • Timer countdown for path sports like running, biking & speed skiing

We can’t show you everything but check out our variety pack of tracking screenshots:

And you know you want to see what all the buzz is about with the new timer countdown:

In the past few months, we’ve added tracking support for over 45 sports activities:

Yowsa!?? Can you believe it??? Of course, if there’s a sport you wish you could track on Skimble, let us know at – thanks!

Latest Skimble iPhone App Release: Personal Bests, Action Sports & Tricks!

Add that extra little bounce into your workout step and enjoy the end of the snow season or get started on spring season adventures.?? Skimble provides even more reason to hit the trails or pavement with purpose with the latest release of the Skimble iPhone application.


What’s New?

  • Auto tracking Personal Bests
    There’s an intangible thrill of achieving and beating your Personal Bests.?? Did you do complete your longest hike, fastest bike ride, hardest rock climb, or max. number bicep curls at the gym??? Now, Skimble will automatically remember your Personal Bests and award you online sports badges with a nifty achievement sound 🙂
    • More Action & Water Sports
      skateboarding, sky diving, base jumping, slacklining, hang gliding, surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and snorkeling
      • Weights, Poses & Tricks
        Improved weightlifting tracking, track poses for yoga, and tricks for snowboarding, skateboarding, and skiing

        Get tracking with the latest Skimble iPhone application or the web today!