Skimble’s Trainer Spotlight: Tenisha Martin

Skimble Trainer Spotlight: Tenisha in Workout Trainer


Meet Tenisha, one of Skimble’s newest featured Verified Trainers! She’s a qualified Personal Trainer who lives and breathes fitness.




When Tenisha Martin isn’t training for the next big marathon around Georgia, she’s coaching others and exploring new training styles. We got a chance to chat with this all-arounder to learn more about her favorite workouts, as well as what keeps her healthy and motivated in her daily fitness routine.

Q 1. What is your favorite workout style right now?

Tenisha: My favorite type of workout is running, mainly long distance, but I am working on speed & agility at the moment. In addition, I have rediscovered my first love again, yoga. My favorite yoga workout right now is called, The Big O, and can be found in my created workouts.

Q 2. How does the Workout Trainer app help you as a fitness professional?

Tenisha: Workout Trainer helps me gain more health coaching and personal training clients. I get to help more people than I could have ever imagined, from all over the world. The app gives me a platform to find clients that are already in the ‘Action Stage’ of making better health choices. Most of their backgrounds are very similar to mine, they are just searching for some support or need a challenge to stay motivated.skimble-workout-trainer-spotlight-verified-tenisha_InstagramQ 3. What is your favorite feature in Workout Trainer?

Tenisha: My favorite feature in the app is the Leaderboard in the community section. This personalized tab shows everyone I follow in Workout Trainer, and ranks each person based on who has done the most workouts. I love checking this tab to see who is ahead of me, and motivate myself to beat them! Haha. A little friendly competition is great, so I’m glad that this feature exists.

Q 4. What else keeps you motivated to stay fit?

Tenisha: Besides the obvious fact that working out makes me feel good about myself, I am mainly motivated to stay healthy to prevent disease. Exercise is medicine, it can correct posture, as well as alleviate and relieve pain from chronic disease.




Q 5. Share a fun fitness tip or health ‘secret’ with us!

Tenisha: Stay active, and do small workouts throughout the day. For example, bike to the store instead of driving. Make your life an active one, one step at a time.

Thanks, Tenisha!




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