Cool Workout of the Week: Beat The Heat, the at home workout!

Heat waves are popping up left and right but don’t let heat stroke warnings stop you from working out — simply head indoors on the hottest days.  Our latest workout is specially designed to be done in the comfort of your well air-conditioned home with no equipment needed!  Introducing the Beat-The-Heat At Home Workout for Android, iPad & iPhones:

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Workout of the Week: Power Ups & Downs. Do it now using the Top 5 Health/Fitness iPad app, Workout Trainer!

There are two certainties in life:

  1. Pizza is the most amazing food on the planet
  2. When we serve you a workout that consists of constant upward & downward exercises, you’ll kick your hiney so hard, you’ll be able to enjoy as much pizza as you want. What a combo!

We challenge you to do Skimble’s Workout of the Week: Power Ups & Downs



Power up your iPad and complete this W.O.W using the Top 5 Healthcare & Fitness iPad app in the App Store, Workout Trainer by Skimble!  Thank you to everyone for helping us get there organically.  You make us feel like a baddass honey badger – our global trainer, Greg, sure thinks so:

But remember kids, no one has to eat like one…