Skimble Recap: Yoga NightLife, California Academy of Sciences

Workout Trainer by Skimble: CAS Yoga NightLifeOnce a week the California Academy of Sciences opens its doors to San Franciscans for the NightLife events, where a specific theme takes over the halls of the museum for an evening and people from diverse backgrounds and interests come together to explore this magnificent place.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: CAS Yoga NightLifeLast Thursday the museum hosted its first evening of yoga, and Team Skimble was invited to showcase some fun yoga workouts in Workout Trainer with live demonstrations. Skimble was in good company with local friends from Yoga Tree, Yoga Flow SF, and Lief Therapeutics.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: CAS Yoga NightLifePeople rolled in off the streets with their yoga mats strapped to their backs, looking to partake in one of the many yoga classes being held there that evening. What better way to get centered than amongst some of the most beautiful exhibits of mother nature herself.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: CAS Yoga NightLifeShavasana under the stars in the planetarium, Child’s Pose amongst the fish in the underground aquarium, or Downward Dog alongside the ancient bone structures decorating the halls. It’s safe to say this was a unique experience for many, including us.🙂

Workout Trainer by Skimble: CAS Yoga NightLifeFor those who missed the event or are interested in incorporating yoga into their fitness routine, learn more about beginning a yoga practice and explore yoga workouts for all levels in Workout Trainer.

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Team Skimble

What keeps you healthy & sane over the holidays? Are health startups the next big opportunity?

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The first one tackles health from the business side posing the question: are health startups the next big opportunity?  It provides you with a glimpse into some of the people and startups who’ve chosen to focus their work to make people’s lives healthier.  This episode of TechCrunch TV features the ladies of Rock Health, Halle Tecco and Leslie Ziegler.  Thanks for the Skimble shout out!

Next up, the holidays are supposed to be joyous, but they’re mostly a stressful time full of rich meals, grueling travel and over-commitment. It’s easy to neglect our personal health, or let an exercise regime lapse, when we’re busy and its cold and dark outside.  But thanks to cool new technology, it doesn’t have to be this way.  VentureBeat features Rock Health portfolio companies including Skimble:

If you fast forward to the 1:50 min mark in the video, you’ll see that whether you’re going for a run, practicing yoga, rock climbing or doing a workout challenge in Workout Trainer, ’tis the season to stay nimble, Skimblers.