Workout of the Week: Beginner BlastOFF!

Whether you’re new to our Workout Trainer or not, Beginner BlastOFF is meant for you!

We’ve created a quick full body workout designed to get your body moving and ready to take on the day! The first half of the workout will get the heart pumping & send blood flow throughout the body. The second half focuses on strengthening those important core muscles & ends with a rejuvenating stretch. 

No excuses, guys and gals, this one is awesome for just about anyone. So get out there and get psyched!

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Push it! Do the Upper Body Pusher Workout of the Week.

Get ready to push it with the Upper Body Pusher. This fast paced workout focuses on strengthening and toning your upper body, helping you spring into your warm weather tees and tanks. Give it your best shot with a variety of push-ups and planks that work your chest, shoulder and back muscles.

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No equipment required. Turn up the Salt-N-Pepa and push away!

Featured App & Workout of the Week: Office Silent 7


Check it out. The App Store is featuring Skimble’s Workout Trainer as a Get in Shape Essential!

Sometimes, it’s critical that we don’t disturb our neighbors while getting in a workout.  Well, we have something ideal for this scenario.  Do the Office Silent 7 workout, made especially for the office and apartment environment. We won’t make you jump around nor touch the ground. Plus, this workout’s only seven minutes long…so what’s not to lose? A few calories from lunch!



New: HD Videos in Workout Trainer’s iOS Update for PROs + FREE Workout of the Week

Skimblers, As you may know the iPad 3 has recently launched…and it’s a beauty!

We wanted to make use of its retna display and take our multimedia to the next level.  Now with the latest Workout Trainer app update, PRO members can watch HD (iPad) and hi-def (iPhone) exercise videos as they follow suit!  We’re starting to roll out hundreds of videos so you no longer wnt to buy another fitness DVD.  Get the latest iOS update, go PRO and enjoy the new HD video experience by completing our Workout of the Week, Quick Cardio Crunch.

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Stay tuned Android users!  You’ll start to see PRO videos in our upcoming release.

Workout of the Week: Core Abs & Stretches at SXSW

Want to tone and define those core muscles? Do the intense Core Abs & Stretches workout, packed back-to-back with ab exercises and core stretches.  



Whether you’re panel/hotel hopping at SXSW or sitting pretty in your living room, you can do this one with little time and space. After the workout, be sure to check out the sports-related SXSW panels in Austin including…

Digital Sport (Jimmy Fallon, Allyson Felix, Stefan Olander, Andrew Wilson):


 and Fit Together (Jason Jacobs of FitnessKeeper, Kevin McCoy of LoseIt, Maria Ly of Skimble):

Do some outdoor yoga at the TaskRabbit park (with a Skimble lesson led by Maria):


& then hop over to all the music venues to get your dance on!


(photo from the Miike Snow concert by Blake Samic)


Intense Workout of the Week: Absolute Arms

This ain’t your grandma’s workout. If you’re serious about eliminating arm flab and building newsworthy muscle definition, do this INTENSE workout: Absolute Arms!



Some exercises are delivered back-to-back with weighted moves followed by low-intensity bodyweight moves.

Before you start, grab a pair of dumbbells or soup cans — you’ll need ’em! If anything feels too intense, alternatively do child’s pose or pause until you are ready to continue on with the workout.

Keep it up and just might look like a rock star 🙂

Skimble’s Art of Exercise – FREE Programs & Workout of the Week!

Skimblers, some may say love is an art form.  We say exercising is a physical art form!  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we have a treat for you called Skimble’s Art of Exercise.


We’re pleased to introduce the Art of Exercise, a FREE mini-series of programs that’ll sculpt your body and introduce you to some of the best exercises Workout Trainer has to offer!  Whether you’re an eager learner or a master trainer, there’s a program for everyone: casual Art of Exercise Level Imoderate Art of Exercises Level II & intense Art of Exercise Level III.  


Intrigued?  Do the Workout of the Week, the first of the series: Art of Exercise Freebie A


Start this now for free in our latest app update for iOS and Android!


Butt Workout of the Week: Natural Booty Pops


Butts, don’t be bashful! We’ve been thinking about you. If you long for a perkier backside, then you’ve picked the right workout. Do this workout a few times a week and you’ll notice a natural pop in that booty of yours. Get off your rear and do the Natural Booty Pops now.

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This isn’t a gimmick, tomorrow you’ll realize that butt soreness means progress. Keep IT up!