FREE Workout of the Week: Drill Sergeant Mom!

Dedicate this workout to your mom this Mother’s Day! (it’s this Sunday, May 13th, but we know you didn’t forget!)


Moms do unexpected things that challenge and delight you… The Drill Sergeant Mom workout will similarly shock-and-awe you with new Skimble exercises! Make your mom proud and work hard through these exercises. 

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After the workout, call your mom and challenge her to do it too 🙂 MOM WOW!


Tasty photo courtesy of clevercupcakes.

Workout of the Week: Wicked Weights

This week we’re going to PUMP YOU UP with our new Wicked Weights workout!

Most people think they just need cardio workouts to get fit. Well your muscles want a little love too. Resistance and strength training is an essential part of any fitness regimen. Simply grab a pair of light to medium dumbbells…even a set of soup cans is a good start.

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Make sure to bracket this workout with a good warm up and cool down!

Workout of the Week: Beginner BlastOFF!

Whether you’re new to our Workout Trainer or not, Beginner BlastOFF is meant for you!

We’ve created a quick full body workout designed to get your body moving and ready to take on the day! The first half of the workout will get the heart pumping & send blood flow throughout the body. The second half focuses on strengthening those important core muscles & ends with a rejuvenating stretch. 

No excuses, guys and gals, this one is awesome for just about anyone. So get out there and get psyched!

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Push it! Do the Upper Body Pusher Workout of the Week.

Get ready to push it with the Upper Body Pusher. This fast paced workout focuses on strengthening and toning your upper body, helping you spring into your warm weather tees and tanks. Give it your best shot with a variety of push-ups and planks that work your chest, shoulder and back muscles.

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No equipment required. Turn up the Salt-N-Pepa and push away!

Featured App & Workout of the Week: Office Silent 7


Check it out. The App Store is featuring Skimble’s Workout Trainer as a Get in Shape Essential!

Sometimes, it’s critical that we don’t disturb our neighbors while getting in a workout.  Well, we have something ideal for this scenario.  Do the Office Silent 7 workout, made especially for the office and apartment environment. We won’t make you jump around nor touch the ground. Plus, this workout’s only seven minutes long…so what’s not to lose? A few calories from lunch!