Winter Workout of the Week: The Energizer Body

During the winter months, you’ll likely find yourself cooped up in the house and demotivated. This workout is aimed to re-energize you by getting your heart pumping and blood moving throughout your body!  Do the Energizer Body workout:

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Start with a fun warm-up, move on to some great bodyweight exercises, complete our jumping challenge and enjoy a few calming cool down moves.

BONUS: Greg, one of our real Global Trainers, can coach you through this workout for FREE!!!  Simply choose ‘Greg’ as your trainer before starting the workout.

Now seize the day, Skimblers!

2012 New Year Blast workout

New year, new exercises! This quick 2012 New Year Blast adds fun variations to traditional exercises. Start your resolutions off on the right foot by learning new ways to keep your muscles guessing.  In this workout you’ll warm up, core up & arm yourself for the best year yet!


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PS: Hey Android users! Make sure you get the latest Android Market app update…we have a pleasant surprise for you 🙂 More on that soon…

Quick Workout of the Week: Washboard Abs Blast

Get ready for the Washboard Abs Blast, our latest 12 minute core workout.  It’s time to get those muscles in your core working hard with big, powerful movements. This is an ideal workout if you’re CRUNCHED for time and you wanna BLAST those abs!

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Happy #FitnessFriday and have a great weekend working those abs with the Skimble community to support you along the way…



LMFAO Party Rockers? Do the Front, Back, Side-To-Side Workout.

These aren’t dance moves for the club.  This Front, Back, and Side-to-Side workout is designed to hit muscle groups on various sides of the bod.  It could be more fun than clubbing…you won’t know until you try it!

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Be sure to have a pair of dumbbells or soup cans handy for the exercises at the end.

After the workout, you may just go from party rockin’ to sexy-and-i-know-it!

Intense Workout of the Week: Fat Burner Deluxe!

Hey hot shot, think you can handle the Fat Burner Deluxe Workout of the Week?

Enjoy the warm up because this deluxe workout is bound to leave you huffing and puffing…and wishing it were about four less sets. During the meat of the workout, you must go as hard as you can for five sets of four intense exercises, 20 seconds on & 10 seconds recovery. 



Feel the fat melt away as you perform max repetitions for each exercise!

Travel Much? Do the Globetrotter Bod Workout of the Week!

You’re a busy professional, hoping from a business meeting in city A to your best friend’s wedding in town B.  Skimble’s latest Workout of the Week, The Globetrotter Bod, was created with the traveler in mind. Often times when we travel, we find ourselves with limited time in a confined space with no equipment and wonder how we’re supposed to make a workout happen. The mystery is over! Get your move on here:

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Are you a stay-at-home homie?  Don’t fret, you too can feel like a globetrotter, just get inspired by this Harlem bomb-diggity move:

Got 15 Min? Do the Core Booster Abs Workout!

Know the ABC’s? It’s time to learn the CBA’s! Kick your abs into full fall gear with Skimble’s quick 15 Min Core Booster Abs workout.


Make it as intense as you want, trying to go for max reps. Make sure you’re warmed up before doing this workout. Load up the Workout Trainer app on your Android or iPhone/iPad now…do it, repeat it, love it!

Get on it. Our Global Trainers are tri-planking for you (and can’t hold it for much longer!):