Mother’s Day: Meet the moms of Skimble’s founders! Breast Cancer victim. Holistic health author. Organic entrepreneurs. Eastern medicine.

We hope you’re having a great Mother’s Day!  Today, Skimble’s co-founders Gabe and Maria would like to give thanks for their moms by sharing their little-known yet inspiring stories:


Gabe grew up in the Boston area, born to parents with holistic health backgrounds.  His mother, Johnna, was an inspiring woman and published author of Greens Glorious Greens Cookbook!  She was also a breast cancer victim who passed away during Gabe’s teenage years.  


Resilient, Gabe continued to eat his greens along with his father, Louis, an acupuncturist who runs a holistic healing practice, American Acupuncture, in Pembroke MA and is the author of several health books.


Gabe’s life has been filled with progressive thinkers of natural living with organic foods and holistic health.  Although their mother has passed, both Gabe and his sister Ari keep her close to their hearts and life’s work.  Ari puts it this way:

For me personally, breast cancer has affected my whole life since I was 7 years old when my mom was diagnosed with the disease. From that day on, my life would never be the same.  I have wanted to help in the fight against breast cancer for a long time and am so happy to finally be achieving that goal with my friends and family.

On that note, Gabe and Maria will be teaming up with Ari and friends this Saturday (3:30pm & 4:45pm) to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research with a TRX class in San Francisco.  Sign up if you can join us!


Not in SF but would like to make a donation?  Please visit our Breast Cancer donation page.


Now a little about Maria’s moms!  Maria’s parents immigrated to Canada while she was just a baby.  They worked tirelessly to establish themselves, all while hustling Maria to/from gymnastics, figure skating, power cheer and dance lessons.  



Entrepreneurial by nature, they started Sun Fatt Bean Sprout Co where her mom grew organic sprouts to restaurants and grocery chains like Sobeys and later a Tool & Mould making/finishing company, Nutek.



Maria’s grandma is her 2nd mom!  She lived with their family in Canada and often shared the knowledge she gained from running eastern medicine pharmacies with Maria’s great grandma back in Asia.  Growing up, Maria’s life was all about being active, eating healthy and east-meets-west medicine.  After 95 lively years, grandma Ly will forever be remembered and cherished.


Thank you, moms!  You helped empower us to be the people we are today, striving to make the world a healthier and more active place with Skimble.

We hope you had a heart-warming Mother’s Day with your moms!