Skimble’s Pro Workout of the Week: Barbell Swell

Find yourself a rack at the gym and some space around you to complete this workout. You’ll stick with 2 exercises at a time and add weight after each set that you complete (3 sets per exercise group). Then you’ll move on to another set of exercises and do the same: do the set, finish the set, add weight, repeat the set, etc. Please warm-up and post-stretch on your own.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Pro Workout of the Week: Barbell SwellDo you have a fitness resolution? Make progress towards achieving your goals with Skimble’s top fitness apps and supportive community. If you’re new to Skimble, our Workout of the Week challenges offer you fresh ways to be fit. Download Workout Trainer on your Android & Apple devices and do your first workout! Remember, if you want to stay up-to-date with our Workout of the Week challenges, be sure to have your Workout Trainer notifications turned ON in the app!

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FREE Workout of the Week: The Perform Better Challenge!

Step up your game and Perform Better! This workout is brought to you by the experts at Perform Better to help you improve your sports performance, functional training & rehabilitation efforts. This routine is great when you’re at the gym or have common exercise equipment handy including: an exercise ball, dumbbells, a kettlebell, a mat and a foam roller.  Here’s just a quick summary about some of the key pieces of fitness equipment we’ve incorporated into this week’s Workout of the Week challenge:


The Kettlebell

The Kettlebell has become a pretty popular tool for CrossFit enthusiasts.  Intrigued?  The Kettlebell amplifies your power output, trains your body on how to contend with a constantly changing center of gravity and bridges the gap between strength and cardio training. Try it!  Read more here.

Foam Rollers

You might be wondering, what exactly could this soft, comfortable-looking bolt of foam do for my fitness routine?  Well, have you ever felt tightness in your body?  If the answer is yes, then the foam roller can help!  Foam rollers provide self-myofascial release (SMR), helping you roll away your aches and pains.  Read more here.

BOSU Balance Trainer

The BOSU can do wonders for your balance and strength.  This half-dome looking piece of equipment encourages your body to train many of its stabilizer muscles.  C’mon, get with the BOSU! Read more here.


After this workout challenge, remember to head over to Perform Better’s End of Summer Sale and choose the gear you love to build your own home gym! (hurry – sale ends this Sunday)