Workout Trainer Roundup: Skimble’s Personal Trainer Tools

Workout Trainer by Skimble: How to Get started with Online Personal Training

Skimble is a team of fitness fanatics and coaching professionals who strive to make health coaching accessible to everyone, anywhere. Along our journey, many trainers expressed their need for mobile tools to build their brand, train their clients, keep their clients accountable, and grow their business online. We’ve listened and have developed a platform to help trainers coach even better.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Trainer Tools Roundup

Skimble’s advanced personal trainer tools enable fitness professionals to thrive in the fitness industry and maximize their impact. If you’re a fitness professional looking for a way to earn extra income and maximize your time with flexibility, try Online Personal Training today – it’s easy and free!

Workout Trainer by Skimble: How to Get started with Online Personal Training

Ready to get started? Heck, yeah!

First, Download WORKOUT TRAINER on your Android & Apple iOS devices and sign up as a Fitness Professional.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Sign Up as a Fitness Professional

Then, check out these how-to’s & expert tips to take your coaching to the next level:

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Online Personal Trainer Tools

Claim your FREE Trainer Profile

Build Your Professional Fitness Brand

Grow your Business with 1:1 Online Personal Training – NEW!

How to Coach Clients using Workout Trainer

Providing Performance Analysis Feedback to Clients

Video Tutorials

Workout Trainer by Skimble: 1:1 Online Personal Training

Connect with us ūüí•

As a trainer, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on new features. Our Trainer initiative and Online Personal Training marketplace is a labor of love. Help us build the best tools for our training community – if you have any feedback, reach us at

Want more info? Check out our Trainer Help page to learn more about what makes Skimble’s new Trainer platform the most innovative on the market!

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Team Skimble

Skimble’s Workout Trainer: One-Stop Coaching Shop

Verified Trainers are using Workout Trainer as a one-stop-shop to reach their clients with innovative and social fitness coaching essentials. Trainers are creating workouts with their own multimedia, suggesting nutritious meal options, inspiring with motivational messages, sharing their own fitness transformation, and leading by example!


Silvie, a San Francisco-based Yogi, shows the variety of practices she has experience teaching through the workouts she creates regularly. She loves building her reputation and getting feedback from the Skimble community.

Pauline likes to show some of her nutritious meal choices with great photos! She often lets you know what is in her recipes in case you want to try to make it too.

Darlene knows what we all struggle with! She posts many inspirational messages to help get clients through all of their fitness roadblocks.skimble-workout-trainer-personal-trainer-inspirational-message_March_Newsletter

Learn about Kristina’s¬†personal fitness transformation and see how she is paying it forward by¬†inspiring, challenging and motivating others to¬†incorporate fitness into their lives.

Not only is Micah a very experienced trainer with certifications from ACE, NSCA and NASM, he also leads by example and completes many of the workouts he creates for his clients and the Skimble community!

Not a Trainer in Workout Trainer? Request to become a Verified Trainer and take advantage of all the free Trainer tools in the latest WORKOUT TRAINER app on your Android & Apple devices today!


Skimble’s Top 5 Tips to Optimize your Trainer Profile in Workout Trainer

skimble-workout-trainer-top-5-tips-optimize-verified-certified-trainer-profileMake the most of your Verified Trainer¬†profile in Workout Trainer! Check out our recommendations¬†for optimizing your visibility within¬†Skimble’s 20+ million-member community of fitness enthusiasts. Follow these easy steps to showcase your expertise¬†and increase your chances of getting discovered by new clients¬†and¬†be featured in our Trainer section.

To make updates to your profile go to ‘Settings’ in the Left Side Menu of the app, then tap ‘Edit Profile & Account’.

1. Add your Location


Updating your location helps members find trainers like you who are local to them. This is a great way for you to get new clients.

2. Be creative with your Short Bio


This is the first sentence members will see about you when browsing the trainer directory and your main trainer profile page. Write something that makes you stand out!

3. Make your Full Bio personal


Share your fitness story, journey, motivation to coach, and any little-known fun facts. This is where members will look to find out how they can relate to you! They are more likely to follow trainers who are authentic. Tell us what you had to overcome (just like them) or simply express that you are doing what you love.

4. Update and share your Social Media profiles


Members can find the links to your social media profiles and website from your trainer profile. They can click through to your pages directly from the app, so this is a great place to enhance your personal brand.

5. Add an ‘About Me’ video

Create a simple YouTube video to introduce yourself. This could¬†include your name, where you are located, what type of training you do and something fun or interesting about yourself! Be creative, but keep it short and sweet. 30 seconds is all you need ūüôā

Want to become a Verified Trainer? Get Verified today, and download the Workout Trainer app for Android and iOS devices now!


Personal Trainer? Top 5 tips for using Workout Trainer

Did you know? The Workout Trainer app update offers great features that help Personal Trainers and fitness professionals coach their clients anytime, anywhere! Are you a health & fitness pro? Join #Teamskimble and become a Verified Trainer today. As a Verified Trainer, you can create unlimited workouts in Workout Trainer!

Our re-designed workout creation tools make it easy for you to create new workouts and challenges for your clients, all from your mobile device. We have a multimedia exercise database with thousands of exercises for you to choose from, or you can simply add your own exercises for free. Are you new to Workout Trainer? Try some workouts before creating your own.


Recommend workouts to individual clients or training groups. This is a great way for your clients to stay accountable and motivated when not with you in person. Your clients will be able to follow along, move-by-move to your workouts.


Build your fitness brand! Stand out with a unique professional fitness profile. Clients can easily see all your updates, photos and fitness story all in one place.


Get discovered within our community of millions of fitness enthusiasts. Showcase your expert credentials and share your training specialties. You can also link directly to your social media profiles and your website.


Be featured in the Trainers section of our app! Inspire, motivate and connect with our community of millions. Create workouts and share fitness photos for your chance to be featured.


Request to become a Verified Trainer and take advantage of our Trainer tools in the latest WORKOUT TRAINER app update on all your Android & Apple devices today!

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