New: HD Videos in Workout Trainer’s iOS Update for PROs + FREE Workout of the Week

Skimblers, As you may know the iPad 3 has recently launched…and it’s a beauty!

We wanted to make use of its retna display and take our multimedia to the next level.  Now with the latest Workout Trainer app update, PRO members can watch HD (iPad) and hi-def (iPhone) exercise videos as they follow suit!  We’re starting to roll out hundreds of videos so you no longer wnt to buy another fitness DVD.  Get the latest iOS update, go PRO and enjoy the new HD video experience by completing our Workout of the Week, Quick Cardio Crunch.

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Stay tuned Android users!  You’ll start to see PRO videos in our upcoming release.

Workout Trainer for iPad Launches! Time to ditch those ’80s fitness DVDs.

Keep the leg warmers but please ditch those ’80s fitness DVDs!  Load up your fave music playlist and follow along to Skimble’s Workout Trainer for iPad.  We’ve got a superb selection of ab-crunching, arm-pumping and body-building workouts in our latest iPad and iPhone release.  Built on the functionality that organically made Workout Trainer for iPhone a top free Healthcare & Fitness app, our iPad version is aptly suited to pack a punch!


Doctors prescribe ways for you to be healthy…but personal trainers MAKE you do it.  Skimble’s virtual and real trainers strive to do just that!  Select your trainer and go with the flow – you’ll be motivated and on track in no time.


Try it right now…clear some space, prop up your iPad and follow along to one of our interactive workouts.  They’re equipped with multimedia instructions and a unique audio coaching system!  If you want something totally new, try Shakerciser…it’s pretty much self explanatory:


Skimble Workout of the Week…WoW!

On that note, we challenge you to do Skimble’s new Workout of the Week (WoW) on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch: The Awesome Body Circuit



And in case you missed it, get psyched by watching a clip from the 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship competition in San Francisco: