Share HD Videos with 1:1 Online Personal Training in Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer by Skimble: HD Video Sharing with Online Personal TrainingIt’s time to get up close and personal! Workout Trainer members who have signed up for 1:1 Online Personal Training with a Skimble trainer now have the ability to send and receive HD video content as part of their training. Remote coaching has never been easier! With the increased ability to personalize your training sessions with video messages, online Trainers and Clients are working closer together than ever before.

Video sharing enhances your training relationship drastically when working with an online fitness coach; it can help you understand certain movements better to improve your form, share specific training tips, and relate to your trainer/client even more by seeing them ‘in action’. So let’s take a look at how it works!

HD Video Content

This new feature allows you to select the camera on your phone or tablet to record a video there and then. Alternatively, you can select any pre-recorded videos you have saved in the media library on your device. Your videos will be hosted in high-resolution and can be uploaded in both landscape and portrait mode, just make sure they do not exceed 15 minutes in length!

Workout Trainer by Skimble: HD Video Sharing with Online Personal Training

You also have the option to add a YouTube or Vimeo link and the video thumbnail will appear in the 1:1 Messaging Stream for each other to see.

Sharing Videos in the 1:1 Messaging Stream

Once you’re set up for 1:1 Training you’ll be able to share video content through the 1:1 Messaging Stream. Simply tap the ‘+’ icon to the left of the text field and select ‘Photo/Video’ from the menu options. From there you’ll have the above-mentioned options to share videos between clients and trainers.

We recommend that trainers and clients alike share an introductory ‘hello’ video with each other to kick off their coaching relationship.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: HD Video Sharing with Online Personal Training

HD video sharing is included in paid 1:1 Online Personal Training and for any PRO+ members who are working together with a trainer for free. Remember, this handy feature is available in the latest Workout Trainer app on your Android and iOS devices so make sure you get the update 🙂

If you are not already working with an Online Personal Trainer, browse our Available Trainers and find your perfect match. Let’s go!

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