Skimble demos YouTube Android Player API video integration at Google I/O 2012


Are you headed to Google I/O 2012 this week?  If you are, we want YOU to stop by and check out some of the awesome stuff we’ve been working on to keep people active!


We’re excited to announce that we’ve been part of the closed YouTube Android Player beta program and have integrated their API into our Google I/O demo app.  This functionality isn’t in our live Workout Trainer app just yet, but be assured that we’ll let you know when YouTube makes the API public so we can share this with you all!

For all Google I/O attendees, visit Team Skimble at our demo today from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm at the YouTube sandbox on the main level of the Moscone Center.  Then tomorrow (June 28), attend the YouTube session as Skimble’s co-founder Maria Ly walks you through the demo app from 1:30 to 2:30 pm in Room 9.  If you’re not able to make it to Google I/O, have no fear, there’s a livestream available so you won’t miss a thing!

Update: here’s the session video where Skimble’s co-founders Maria and Gabe present at the 11:30 minute mark:

For those that aren’t familiar with Google I/O:

Google I/O is focused on the tech world’s latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs and bringing together thousands of developers who are turning them into tomorrow’s startups. Googe I/O returns to San Francisco’s Moscone Center from June 27-29, 2012. 

The Developer Sandbox, first introduced at I/O 2009, is a demo area where a wide range of developers who have built applications based on technologies and products are featured at I/O. Representing large and small companies, individual developers, and a diverse collection of apps, these developers will be participating in the Sandbox to demo their applications, answer questions, and exchange ideas.

At the conference, exercise with us and score some free Zico Coconut Water!


Just look for Maria in her bright Lululemon outfit 🙂


More photos on Skimble’s Google+ page.