Rockstar Workout Logging Features in Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Rockstar Workout Logging FeaturesWith our latest amped-up workout logging features, you can spend less time recording the details of your training sessions and more time getting your sweat on! Download the latest Workout Trainer app update on your Android and iOS devices and see how easy it is to log details that’ll keep track of all the great progress you’re making.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Rockstar Workout Logging FeaturesBy understanding more about which weights to use and optimizing the number of reps performed to train in certain heart rate zones, you will be able to train more effectively and reach your personal fitness goals faster. Sounds good, right? Better take a peek!

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Rockstar Workout Logging FeaturesBefore playing a workout, tap the ‘Edit’ icon to log your weights and see them in the player as you complete your workouts. When you start your next workout, you’ll notice that the weights you logged during your last session are automatically loaded to save you time and allow you to begin training without any delays. You can also turn this feature off if you don’t want your details to be pre-loaded. Simply tap the ‘Settings’ cog in the top right corner of the player to change your preferences.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Rockstar Workout Logging FeaturesOnce you’ve completed a session, tap the ‘copy’ icon to copy the weight resistance and/or repetitions to future rounds of the exercise in the set. You can copy one OR all of these elements.

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Rockstar Workout Logging FeaturesIf you’re off the grid or having connectivity issues, no need to fear! You can also log workouts with rep and weight details offline to sync at a later date. This will allow you to track your progress over time as you repeat workouts and improve your strength/endurance, no matter where you are.

Are you ready to double down on your training regime? Let us help you focus more on what you’re doing and spend less time worrying about tracking the details. Download the Workout Trainer app and get started with these FREE features today!

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