Get the Gear! Verified Heart Rate Smartwatches for Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer by Skimble: Verified Heart Rate Smartwatches and MonitorsWith heart rate training becoming more popular than ever, we’ve had lots of questions about the best types of smartwatches to connect with Workout Trainer. For maximum results, we’ve put together a list of verified heart rate devices that will help you get the most out of our latest heart rate features and improve your performance time and time again.
For iOS device owners:

Quick steps to set up Heart Rate feedback

Download the latest Workout Trainer app update on your Android and iOS devices. Make sure you have Workout Trainer on your smartwatch and/or your bluetooth heart rate monitor is sharing heart rate data to apps. On Android, remember that you’ll need to download the Workout Trainer companion app onto your smartwatch and make sure the two are synced before you start working out. If you’re using a bluetooth heart rate monitor on either platform, check that the device is sharing its heart rate data via bluetooth. For smartwatch users, make sure you accept the permission to share heart rate data when you load a workout. You can see if your heart rate devices are connected and working together on the overlay before you hit the PLAY button! For more information about setting things up, see our post for Apple Watches, Android Wear Watches, and Samsung Gear Watches.

Please note: We support the latest iOS and Android smartwatches including the Apple Watch, any Android Wear smartwatch, and Samsung Gear smartwatches. We also support many Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Heart Rate Monitors that publicly broadcast their data (Fitbit watches are NOT supported at the moment because of this reason). We will be updating this blog post to include new HRM smartwatches and chest straps as they come to market!

Grab your preferred heart rate device and start optimizing your training with Skimble’s clever tracking features. Download the latest Workout Trainer app update and get synced up today!

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