Workout Trainer app feature: Add Exercise Videos

Love doing workouts with move-by-move exercise instruction? Indeed, we do too! We’ve been busy building the largest 1500+ exercise database, and now you can build upon it even further with your own videos. Videos show you and fellow members how certain movements flow ‘in action’ while you play through workouts so let’s check out this new feature in the latest version of Workout Trainer. Simply head over to the Workouts tab and select the Exercise Library option. Hit that ‘+’ button. In the New Exercise screen, tap the Select button to add a pre-recorded landscape video that you have saved in the media library on your device.

Remember: exercise videos must be at least 1080 HD quality and between 5-60 seconds long. We will automatically crop videos to have an aspect ratio of 4:3 and all audio will be removed from them in order to be supported in our workout player.

After we have approved your video, you will receive a notification that it’s ready to use. Head to the My Exercises section and you’ll see that the exercise’s overview page now displays a video icon. You can add your exercises to new and existing workouts. If you have an existing workout, you can edit/update it to add the new exercise to include the new video.

TIPS for creating great video content

Creating great video content is easier than you might think. All you need is your trusty smartphone, a way to prop your phone up in landscape mode, and a welcoming space with good lighting. Here are some tips to help you create everlasting video content:

  1. Choose an uncluttered space to capture your videos. Clear some furniture and set your dirty laundry aside. Less distractions means we can focus in on you and the exercise movement 😉
  2. Set your smartphone / recording device up on a tripod or makeshift stand instead of having your buddy record you with his/her unstable hands. It’ll look more professional, trust us! And make sure that you are capturing your entire body performing the moves — not too far away and not too close. For your reference, here’s a trusty (and budget-friendly) smartphone tripod holder holding an iPhone in landscape mode:
  3. Go bright! The lighting here is key. Shoot your videos in a bright, naturally lit space and optionally set up some extra lights like a simple ‘selfie’ light ring. These rings look like this:
  4. Crop your video. It’s super easy to edit your video on your phone and crop out any unwanted setup and end bits (like if you’ve recorded yourself tapping the record button on/off). Again, just make sure that the video is between 5-60 seconds so we can properly display it.

Did you know you can also add your own entire, full-length workout videos with your own audio? Head over to our blog post about adding full-length workout videos using YouTube for a quick refresher on how that works.

These power features are just a few benefits of being a PRO+ member. We strive to create the best fitness experience for you AND help you dig even deeper into your training by providing tools that let you create personalized training content in the Workout Trainer app.

Download the latest Workout Trainer app update on your Android & iOS and unlock our Pro+ membership for a training experience that’s extra comprehensive and customizable.