Home (gym) for the Holidays? Win a TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack & stay trim anywhere with Skimble.

The holiday countdown begins and now’s the perfect time to stay trim with Skimble and TRX.  Create a home gym this winter with a TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack. TRX Suspension Training leverages your own bodyweight to build power, balance, core strength and flexibility for people of all fitness levels.  Each day in Dec 2010 that you track at least one activity or workout on Skimble, you earn one contest entry. At the end of the month, winners are randomly chosen from these entries. Each winner receives a a TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor, MSRP 199.95 USD. Details here.


If you don’t know about TRX, read about Ariana V‘s first TRX experience as she visits the San Francisco-based TRX Trainer Center and creates her own home gym:

I had never heard of TRX nor did I know that the TRX training center existed in the easily accessible neighborhood of Russian Hill in San Francisco. On Friday, my boyfriend Sameer and I arrived to meet Nicole, who helped us get set up in the center and introduced us to the trainer, Charles. Charles provided us with a 10-15 minutes overview of the class and quickly taught us how to use the suspension training system. This short introduction proved to be very helpful once the other students were there and the class began.


We spoke with Charles and Nicole for a few minutes before the class started, discussing how they came into the TRX family. Charles let us know that he had been hoping to become a personal trainer and came upon TRX. After doing some classes, he became hooked early on.  He sought out the founder of Fitness Anywhere, which led him to his current place in the company. Nicole let us know that she began with the company way back in 2007, when there was only a staff of 7. The TRX family now includes a training facility in Russian Hill and offices downtown. They are also looking for space for another training facility. Randy, the founder, started the program with him and his dog out of his own house. Randy has a background in the Navy, where he gained the kind of physical discipline that drove him to create TRX.

TRX is a fitness training program that uses suspension training. The class that I took was TRX Circuit Training, which incorporates the suspension training with cardio to provide a full-body workout. The class was amazing. I thought that it was a very different way to think of exercise than I am used to – the integration of core strengthening on a platform that I never used before and a cardio workout really helped me feel (and know!) that I got an amazing workout. This is proven by how sore my body was for the next three days!

The suspension ropes are easy to pick up. I think that if I took just a couple more classes, I could get a way better hang of them so that I feel more comfortable with how to use them and how they are supposed to feel. On the other hand, they were not at all difficult to use and the fact that it was my first class did not prohibit my workout in any way.

My favorite thing about TRX is that it really provided a full-body workout. When I say that I was sore, I mean that literally it felt like every muscle in my body was sore. I felt like I had worked out every muscle and had a great cardio session too. It kept me sweating the whole time and that’s how I like my workouts.

I also really liked the trainer. Charles (pictured above left) provided us with all the help that we needed without making us feel like goofs since we didn’t really know what we were getting into. The class was a mix of regular students and people who hadn’t done it before and that was completely fine since everyone can do the exercises at their own pace.


Back at home, the TRX home system allows you to suspend the ropes from a doorway so you can do anything that you could in class. It’s completely portable and great for travellers who want to stay in shape wherever they go…here’s a photo of Skimble’s Maria L completing the 40/40 TRX Challenge on the rooftop of the Lombardi Sports store in San Francisco:

It really does make a great holiday present for yourself or a loved one!  Be sure to snag 15% off + Free Shipping till 12/16 on TRX systems today!


Time to Live Bear Naked & Win a Bear Naked Survival Pack


The month of November is the time to get Bear Naked with Skimble.  Be active and be one of the lucky winners to get a Survival Pack filled with your favorite Bear Naked granola products.  So get out there.  Run, dance and play tennis because at the end of the month, active Skimblers will be the proud owners of an amazing survival pack packed with natural goodness. 


Be Natural with Bear Naked – 100% Pure & Natural Granola!

  • Made with REAL whole grain oats, luscious fruit and hearty nuts
  • All natural ingredients you know, love and can actually pronounce
  • NO Artificial Flavors, NO Cholesterol, NO Hydrogenated Oils, NO High Fructose Corn Syrup, NO Preservatives, Og Trans Fat
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Kosher certified
  • Enjoy it with yogurt, fresh fruit or just Bear Naked



Win a Back-to-School Prize Pack filled with gear from Mountain Hardwear, Evolv Climbing & Skimble worth over $250 USD!


Skimble’s August Contest: win a Back-to-School Prize Pack including a Mountain Hardwear Enterprise Backpack, Evolv Sports Climbing or Hiking Shoe gift certificate and a Skimble T-shirt + other goodies, valued at over $250 USD.  The prize pack is perfect for all your projects, whether they be in the classroom, on top a mountain or clinging onto a boulder!

Here’s a little review:

Mountain Hardwear Enterprise Backpack:

Take this pack with you on your day hikes and urban walks to school or the office.  Consistently a best seller, this year the Enterprise has been upgraded with CoolWave Suspension for even better performance.  Equipped with all the essentials pockets, we give it an A+ for the attention to detail with the super soft pocket to store delicate electronics and the fully padded hydration / laptop sleeve!  Choose from five hot colors including Black and Jungle:



Evolv Sports Climbing or Hiking Shoes:

What’s not to like about the most “vegan-friendly” synthetic climbing shoes around with TRAX Rubber performance soles?  Maria loves to wear the Talon G2‘s for her most overhanging sends including Tonsai Playboy (5.12a) in Tonsai, Krabi, Thailand and the Evo for slightly more vertical sends like Threadfin (5.12b/c) at the Tsunami Wall in Red Rock Canyon State Park, near Las Vegas, NV.


Gabe digs the Optimus Primes (the Chris Sharma shoe), which is ideal for the wider foot and aggressive sport climber!  He’s also excited to try the Predator G2 in the coming month.  What if you’re new to climbing?  For an all-around shoe, go for the Pontas for guys and the Electra VTR for girls.  And if you’re vertically challenged, slip into the Escapist hiking shoe and hit the trails.



Skimble Shop Tees:

For your inner outdoor shopaholic, the Skimble Shop helps you look stylish and buff in American Apparel t-shirts with flex printing.  You can wash these tees over and over and they’ll continue to look and fit great.


How to win in August?

Just be active and track your adventures on Skimble.  Let’s take a look at some active Skimblers:

  • Into tennis and running? Follow Kenzo H because he’s still undefeated and could use a little competition.
  • Julia H‘s hand jestures make you want to bust a move during your yoga and aerobics session.
  • Take a look at Scott N‘s running trails…see if you can run them as fast as he can.
  • A fist bump goes out to John T for Crossfit training in Pasadena…Skimble’s new Crossfit Champ, perhaps?
  • Watch out for Raul G who may have clocked more hours in the gym than Arnold Schwarzenegger did in his prime.

Sports records are being broken left and right.  Usain Bolt stunned the world with his 9.58 second 100 meter dash and John Isner was left wondering when his 138 game fifth set at Wimbledon would ever end.  This summer track and share your own record-breaking achievements with Skimble!

June Prizes: Mountain Hardwear Summer Adventure Outfits

With a new month, comes another opportunity for all you active Skimblers to win a prize!


Thanks to our good friends at Mountain Hardwear, this month we will be giving away some awesome summer adventure outfits! For men, we have the Ravine Short Sleeve Shirt and Wildlands Shorts. Here’s Gabe looking good in his Mountain Hardwear gear as he prepares for his next great adventure:


Gabe enjoyed the Mountain Hardwear shirt and shorts in Yosemite National Park. Both are lightweight and cooling, important during the hot dry summers in the High Sierras. Also, the pants have a great lining, which makes them super comfortable! From the discreet shirt pockets to a key holder in the shorts, Mountain Hardwear has all the details right.

And the gear for the women is just as cool including the Loess Tank Top and High Step Judo Crops.

Maria put the women’s outfit to work at a yoga studio, a TRX workout class, a rock climbing competition, and on a roadtrip to Smith Rock State Park, OR. The best thing about the top? It’s form fitting yet comfortable and looks great with its criss-cross back design. The pants: Also a hit, especially since they come with a seamless right side pocket that’s perfect for your ID, lip balm and iPhone!

Check out the action-shot of her in the Judo Crops on a 5.13a at the TRS4 Touchstone Climbing Competition, where she place 2nd overall in the series:


As you can tell, all of us at Skimble are huge fans of Mountain Hardwear’s gear and athletes. Here’s Mike Libecki and Maria at a Lombardi Sports event last month in San Francisco:


How to win: Each day in June that you track at least one activity on Skimble, you earn one contest entry. At the end of the month, winners are randomly chosen from these entries. Be sure to visit Mountain Hardwear’s Facebook and Twitter pages and give them some props.