New: HD Videos in Workout Trainer’s iOS Update for PROs + FREE Workout of the Week

Skimblers, As you may know the iPad 3 has recently launched…and it’s a beauty!

We wanted to make use of its retna display and take our multimedia to the next level.  Now with the latest Workout Trainer app update, PRO members can watch HD (iPad) and hi-def (iPhone) exercise videos as they follow suit!  We’re starting to roll out hundreds of videos so you no longer wnt to buy another fitness DVD.  Get the latest iOS update, go PRO and enjoy the new HD video experience by completing our Workout of the Week, Quick Cardio Crunch.

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Stay tuned Android users!  You’ll start to see PRO videos in our upcoming release.

Skimble’s Art of Exercise – FREE Programs & Workout of the Week!

Skimblers, some may say love is an art form.  We say exercising is a physical art form!  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we have a treat for you called Skimble’s Art of Exercise.


We’re pleased to introduce the Art of Exercise, a FREE mini-series of programs that’ll sculpt your body and introduce you to some of the best exercises Workout Trainer has to offer!  Whether you’re an eager learner or a master trainer, there’s a program for everyone: casual Art of Exercise Level Imoderate Art of Exercises Level II & intense Art of Exercise Level III.  


Intrigued?  Do the Workout of the Week, the first of the series: Art of Exercise Freebie A


Start this now for free in our latest app update for iOS and Android!