Skimble’s Art of Exercise – FREE Programs & Workout of the Week!

Skimblers, some may say love is an art form.  We say exercising is a physical art form!  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we have a treat for you called Skimble’s Art of Exercise.


We’re pleased to introduce the Art of Exercise, a FREE mini-series of programs that’ll sculpt your body and introduce you to some of the best exercises Workout Trainer has to offer!  Whether you’re an eager learner or a master trainer, there’s a program for everyone: casual Art of Exercise Level Imoderate Art of Exercises Level II & intense Art of Exercise Level III.  


Intrigued?  Do the Workout of the Week, the first of the series: Art of Exercise Freebie A


Start this now for free in our latest app update for iOS and Android!


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  1. just did the WEDNESDAY work out again as it did not save on my phone……;((((((((((((((

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