Workout of the Week: Howdy, Partner!

Getting and staying fit has its rocky moments. During your fitness journey, remember to keep the Skimble community and your loved ones close – it’ll help keep your motivation up!

In this fun partner workout, you will literally need your partner’s helping hand. Alternate between being Partner One and Partner Two, and remember to thank each other afterwards! Before you start, have a ball handy or plan to improvise with a ‘ghost’ ball.

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Workout of the Week: Abs Attack!

This is a quick core workout designed to attack your upper and outer ab layers (rectus abdominus & external obliques). If you challenge yourself to do at least 5 reps of each core exercise, you will have completed over 150 core contraptions in 15 min — totally doable! Remember to exhale as you contract your ab muscles during each rep.

No equipment needed, either, but you may want an exercise mat to protect your back and toosh! 

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Workout of the Week: Core the Pilates Way

After last week’s intense strengthening workout, take 15 minutes and open your mind to a leaner core!

This Pilates-inspired workout conditions your abs in a unique way, keeping your muscles long and lean without that pesky bulkiness. Just get an exercise mat set up and feel free to skip the running shoes, because this workout doesn’t require a single piece of equipment except your awesome psych!

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Workout of the Week: Wall Sit or Slack Challenge

How much is too much? We’re not talking about your dose of egg nog. We’re referring to this end-of-year challenge!

It’s not long but if you factor in your holiday cheesecake and the fact that you will do a wall sit with one leg, this workout is clearly NOT meant for SLACKERS. Good luck…and if you can’t finish, add a note about your stop time and ‘save to calendar’ so you can revisit in 2013!

Happy New Year from Team Skimble! 

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Workout of the Week – ATV: Arm & Tricep Vanity

While most people are sporting their favorite holiday sweater this time of year, we thought you might like to stand out with a sleeveless turtleneck or mesh shirt…something that will show off your newly toned arms & triceps! You’ll probably get some looks, especially after completing this workout! To begin, make sure you’ve warmed up and set aside a set of comfortable dumbbells or soup cans.

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