Workout of the Week: Multi-Plank Challenge!

We hope you had an amazing and food-filled Thanksgiving, but we’re not going to take it easy on you just because it’s the holiday season.  We’re really bringing it this week with a short (just SIX minutes!) but fun plank workout that packs quite a punch.

This challenge is guaranteed to be exactly that…CHALLENGING! We don’t expect most of you to finish it on the first attempt but we encourage you to regularly work on it until you do! For those of you who do it on the first try, you may want to look into training for the plank world record of 1:20:07 (hrs:mins:secs) and give the great George Hood a run for his money!

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FREE Workout of the Week: Thanksgiving Edition

We at Skimble want to thank each and every one of you for supporting us this year.  Whether you’re using our Workout Trainer or GPS Sports Tracker app, we love seeing everyone getting out there and staying active, all year long!


What are you thankful for? Take a moment and consider that question…all while working on your lower half! Think thighs, butt and legs. Try to do maximum repetitions of each exercise and then finish up with the infamous wall-sit. Power through this workout and be thankful when you’re done!


Have you updated your Workout Trainer lately?  If you haven’t, do so today in iTunes or Google Play!  

FREE Workout of the Week: Dynamic Duo!

This dynamic duo workout is second to none!

Well maybe Batman and Robin could be more legendary…but who really cares. These two sets of dynamic movement circuits will help you move and look like your heroes! This workout is full of action-packed bodyweight moves, which will require space (gym, park or backyard, perhaps?). Suit up with your headphones and bring Workout Trainer along for the ride!

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Also, just a friendly reminder that if you haven’t yet, today’s a great day to update Workout Trainer in iTunes or Google Play!  With tons of new features in both, you won’t be needing lofty goals for this coming new year’s resolution!

FREE Workout of the Week: President’s Victory Workout!


It’s not easy to get re-elected as President of the USA. You need some serious hustle to campaign for an entire year, while also running the country. If this is what your life feels like, keep up the great effort and take a time-out to do our President’s Victory Workout. Work through all the tough moves and pay homage to all the hustlers (blue & red)!

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We hope you’ve got your costume ready so you can have a laugh and work up a sweat with our kooky trainers in this themed Workout of the Week: Spooktastic Superheros!


A couple of Skimble’s fun-loving global trainers decided to festively coach you through this leg & core workout…SUPERHERO style! Grab a friend & get a good warm-up chuckle in. These moves will have you looking super spooktastic in no time, and put you in the mood to get funky tomorrow!

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Need some music to get you into the groove?  Try streaming or downloading one of these free mixes: Halloween Party Mix, Halloween New Wave Mix or the Halloweek Mix on mixcrate.

FREE Workout of the Week: The Great Wall

All you need for this Workout of the Week is a wall, so no excuses!  

We know you’re beautiful but for this workout, move aside the photos hanging on the wall to clear some space. The Great Wall is a workout that is as simplistic as it gets but still gets what you want…results! If you feel discomfort in any of the wall inversions, relax, and do a ground-plank variation.


FREE Workout of the Week: Autumn Abs

The leaves are changing, the evenings are shorter. What better time than now to spruce up those abs of yours! 

This workout clocks out at a massive 34+ minutes, and will get your core working toward a stronger and sleeker silhouette (not to mention will work up a wicked sweat).  What better way to get ready for the winter than to get your fittest in the fall? With some great yoga rests in the mix, maybe you’ll feel inspired to do last week’s Yoga Refreshing Backbends afterwards as a cool-down!

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FREE Workout of the Week: Yoga Refreshing Backbends

Doesn’t this Fall weather just put you in the best mood?  We’ve been loving it here at Skimble HQ so we designed a more relaxing workout for the change of pace that goes along with the new season.

This week we’ve got an awesome twenty minute back bending sequence that will refresh your body and mind in time to adjust to the changing weather. Starting with lunges to warm up your lower body and twists to prepare your spine for back bends, we will finish with soothing hip openers.  

We hope you’ll feel a different kind of burn this week with these yoga-inspired poses and stretches.  And a reminder to those Android users, don’t forget to update Workout Trainer if you haven’t already.  We think the re-design is pretty nifty, and hope you do too!

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FREE Workout of the Week: The Perform Better Challenge!

Step up your game and Perform Better! This workout is brought to you by the experts at Perform Better to help you improve your sports performance, functional training & rehabilitation efforts. This routine is great when you’re at the gym or have common exercise equipment handy including: an exercise ball, dumbbells, a kettlebell, a mat and a foam roller.  Here’s just a quick summary about some of the key pieces of fitness equipment we’ve incorporated into this week’s Workout of the Week challenge:


The Kettlebell

The Kettlebell has become a pretty popular tool for CrossFit enthusiasts.  Intrigued?  The Kettlebell amplifies your power output, trains your body on how to contend with a constantly changing center of gravity and bridges the gap between strength and cardio training. Try it!  Read more here.

Foam Rollers

You might be wondering, what exactly could this soft, comfortable-looking bolt of foam do for my fitness routine?  Well, have you ever felt tightness in your body?  If the answer is yes, then the foam roller can help!  Foam rollers provide self-myofascial release (SMR), helping you roll away your aches and pains.  Read more here.

BOSU Balance Trainer

The BOSU can do wonders for your balance and strength.  This half-dome looking piece of equipment encourages your body to train many of its stabilizer muscles.  C’mon, get with the BOSU! Read more here.


After this workout challenge, remember to head over to Perform Better’s End of Summer Sale and choose the gear you love to build your own home gym! (hurry – sale ends this Sunday)

FREE Workout of the Week: All-Around Abs!

Don’t have much time to work out before the weekend?  This awesome 15-minute ab blaster is just what you need to start your weekend off right!

The All-Around Abs workout is all about the core! This workout consists of 8 exercises that all engage the core musculature but hit it at different angles. This will make for a nice firm midsection with no weak spots. This is a 15 minute workout that requires no equipment unless you would like to use an exercise mat. 

Turn on your favorite tunes and get moving to this funky beat!

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