FREE Workout of the Week: Go Go Gadget Legs

Happy September, Skimblers!  Get the week started off right with this rad workout of the week, packed with NEW exercises and fun!

This workout has your name on it if you’re looking to get those legs in show-off mode. This 15-minute workout will get you moving to a longer and leaner beat, and have you wishing those summer temps would stick around a bit longer! Grab a pair of dumbbells and get into this leggy groove.


Free Workout of the Week: Half-Time Full-Body

We’ve got an awesome half hour of fun in store for this last August Workout of the Week!

Half-Time Full-Body is packed with core, cardio, and full body resistance exercises sure to get your heart rate up and sweat coming down. At the end of the workout, all muscles will be activated and you will feel accomplished and ready for the weekend. Before you begin, have a pair of dumbbells or soup cans handy!

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Meet our new PRO Trainer Lisa in the Workout of the Week: Mid-Section Drill

This week, not only do we have a rockin’ new Workout of the Week for you, but we are introducing our brand new Pro Trainer Lisa to our mix of talking coaches.  We’ll be rolling out more and more workouts that can be led by Lisa so get psyched on some femme-empowering support while you’re getting your sweat on!


Try her coaching for FREE in this week’s intense Workout of the Week, Mid-Section Drill!

If you need something quick that chisels and tones your mid section, then this workout hits the spot! It includes a cardio warm-up, then moves on to some fun ab exercises and finishes off with some yoga-inspired stretches. No equipment required!

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FREE Workout of the Week: Olympic “Circuit Challenge”

We’ve totally been slackin’ on getting workout of the weeks out to you, but with all the Olympics going on we’re sure the motivation is staying high!  


This Olympic-themed workout features cardio and strength training in different planes of motion. It will get you in shape for your favorite Olympic event and increase your overall fitness! Make sure to set up all of your equipment before starting this workout, including a set of medium weight dumbbells and, of course, the Olympic Spirit!

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FREE Workout of the Week: Fast Fitness Circuit

We hope you had a GREAT 4th of July, but now it’s time to get back to your fitness regimen!


Get your calisthenics on with this quick and straightforward Fast Fitness Circuit. It is circuit-based and you can throttle this workout harder or easier by pacing yourself throughout each set. Rest less and do more reps for a more intense workout. Rest more and do less reps if you’re just getting started.

Keep us posted in our Community Forums on how many reps you were able to do and see if you can beat your own (and other Skimblers’) personal best!

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NEW: Android gets a calorie counter + FREE Workout of the Week

Hey all you Android Skimblers, we’ve got the update you’ve been waiting for!  Now in version 3.3 you’ve got the option to display the estimated calorie count after every workout you’ve completed.  Just go to your Settings and update your profile with your age, gender, and weight so that the calorie count is correctly estimated for you.

Download the update in the Google Play store today and let us know what you think!

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We’ve also got a scorcher of a workout for you this week that will put your muscles to the test for a grueling 27 minutes of toning and defining fun!

Dumbbell Muscle Blaster will use a “push” and “pull” technique in a circuit workout to hit most major muscle groups in a short amount of time, burning calories and increasing strength and tone.

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FREE Workout of the Week: Right and Left Leg D’LUX

For this Workout of the Week we’re turning the focus to your lower half for 15 minutes of challenging fun!

It doesn’t matter if you can’t tell your right from left leg apart when you’re dancing in the clubs. This workout keeps things straightforward with interesting exercises that work your lower limbs.

Coordination is optional, but do give your best effort especially during the single leg squats & balances. Grad a pair of dumbbells and go D’LUX!

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