Skimble’s backflipping presentation at DCtoVC earns top judges score!

Last week, Skimble presented as a seed stage finalist at the DC to VC Health IT Showcase and earned the top overall judges score.  Skimble‘s energetic co-founder Maria Ly took the stage to give this backflipping fun presentation:

Business Journal‘s article, Skimble does backflips for VC judges, gave Skimble some favorable props for becoming the #1 free health & fitness app on Android and more:

Maria Ly, co-founder of Skimble, which makes exercise applications for mobile, showed off her product with a backflip. Skimble, based in San Francisco, uses personal trainers to coach work-out exercises, with game-style add-ons to keep it fresh. Ly, a competitive rock climber and computer engineer, demonstrated the app, and when the voice in the machine told her to flip, she did it.


Backflip or not, her company was a particular favorite of the judges.


“This is tapping the next generation of the Jane Fonda workout,” said Chaim Indig, co-founder and CEO of Phreesia.

Though don’t misunderstand, the flip helped.

“I can’t tell you the number of VC meetings where we need a backspring,” Jeff Tangney of Doximity said.

Yesterday TechCrunch provided an event summary which hightlighted all the great startups involved.

To start the day off, Rebecca Lynn, partner at Morgenthaler Ventures, gave the keynote on “Why Entrepreneurs Will Fix Healthcare” – check it out!

Morgenthaler’s DCtoVC was a real HIT!  Thank you for the opportunity to present the Skimble vision, we received invaluable feedback from the judges.



Photos courtesy of Asa Mathat!