Skimble’s Free Workout of the Week: Developmental Yoga 1 (by Trainer Elisabetta Bruno)

The idea with this workout is to slowly improve your range of motion by repeating the exercises and lengthening the time spent doing them gradually. Both active and passive stretching are employed in this workout. Don’t force any poses, just let your body guide you to where it feels good, and try to take long, relaxed breaths.

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Workout Trainer by Skimble: Free Workout of the Week: Developmental Yoga 1 by Elisabetta BrunoDo you have a fitness resolution? Make progress towards achieving your goals with Skimble’s top fitness apps and supportive community. If you’re new to Skimble, our Workout of the Week challenges offer you fresh ways to be fit. Download Workout Trainer on your Android & Apple devices and do your first workout! Remember, if you want to stay up-to-date with our Workout of the Week challenges, be sure to have your Workout Trainer notifications turned ON in the app!

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New iOS Update for Workout Trainer by Skimble

Our iOS Skimblers are going to be jumping for joy with this update, version 2.9.  We’ve listened to your feedback and know you’ll be pleased to see some highly requested features, like copying existing workouts and the ability to do multiple programs at one time!  The general navigation and look of the workout screen has also been streamlined for a cleaner look.  But we’ll stop gushing… check it out for yourself with these gorgeous screen captures below, and get the update in the iTunes App Store today!

✓ New sidebar menu navigation in app (just swipe right to view the new menu)

✓ Complete multiple Workout Programs at the same time (up to 5!)


✓ Browse our exercise how-to library by popularity, muscle groups, and equipment

skimble-workout-trainer-iphone-exercises-by-muscles skimble-workout-trainer-exercises-by-muscles

✓ Copy and duplicate existing workouts (modify your own workouts without replacing the original)


✓ Updated Help FAQ & tips

Voice your opinions, Skimblers– we love to hear your feedback and suggestions in our Forums! We are also always reachable via email should you have any specific questions, feature requests, or issues.


MAX out with the FREE Workout of the Weekend: MAX Tabata Test!

For this first June Workout of the Week(end) we’re revving it up to full intensity and calling for max effort and max repetitions!

The ‘Tabata Protocol’ was developed in Japan for highly-trained endurance athletes. Here at Skimble this workout follows suit, starting with a 5 minute warm-up, then 4 rounds of 20 second high intensity exercises, followed by 10 second rests. Finish up with two minutes of cool-down.

Test your athletic-self with Tabata and see if you can beat your personal best the second time around.  Let us know how you did in the Community Forums and see how it compares to your fellow skimblers!

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Get the latest iOS Update for Workout Trainer today!

Skimble’s Workout Trainer app for iOS just got a facelift!  Check out some of the rad new features we’ve added that we think you’ll love:

Community Forums – Here you can share your health journey and help others with theirs. With topics such as “Ask the Pros”, “Motivation & Support”, and “Nutrition and Cooking” you’ll find there’s something for everyone.



Filters – We’ve expanded the search parameters, so you can specify what areas you’d like to target, desired length and intensity of your workout, and with what kind of equipment (or none!).  You can also utilize our Shakerciser feature, a tool that instantly creates a workout for you based on your preferences.

Activity Leaderboards – You’ve been earning points for the various activites you’ve been logging (in both our Workout Trainer and GPS Sports Tracker apps).  Whether you’re stretching for 5 minutes or participating in a marathon, we want to make it fun to see who’s the most active among your friends and fellow Skimblers.  And don’t despair, the leaderboards reset every month so you’ll always be a contender!

 alt=  alt=

Not to mention we’ve added more Programs, Videos, Audio & Exercises!

Also, the update now supports iOS devices operating iOS 5.0 and under, so no need to update your iOS just to keep Workout Trainer running properly 🙂  

Get the update today and let us know what you think!

New: HD Videos in Workout Trainer’s iOS Update for PROs + FREE Workout of the Week

Skimblers, As you may know the iPad 3 has recently launched…and it’s a beauty!

We wanted to make use of its retna display and take our multimedia to the next level.  Now with the latest Workout Trainer app update, PRO members can watch HD (iPad) and hi-def (iPhone) exercise videos as they follow suit!  We’re starting to roll out hundreds of videos so you no longer wnt to buy another fitness DVD.  Get the latest iOS update, go PRO and enjoy the new HD video experience by completing our Workout of the Week, Quick Cardio Crunch.

 alt=  alt=

Stay tuned Android users!  You’ll start to see PRO videos in our upcoming release.

Over 25 years of Workouts completed in Skimble Workout Trainer app. Thank you!


Hey fitness friends, Skimble‘s passed a quarter century milestone.  We’re thrilled to announce over 25 years of workouts completed in our top free app, Workout Trainer, for iPhone/iPad/Android.

We’re always getting testimonals from people who’ve used Workout Trainer to lose a ton of weight, get a 6-pack, train for urbanathalons and the likes.  Whether you are just getting off the couch, staying agile at your 9-5 office job, or an athlete in training, Skimble’s here to help everyone achieve their personal bests and live a healthier lifestyle.  You amaze and inspire us by making huge habit-forming changes in your life.

Thank YOU for all your dedication along the way…the adventure continues with Skimble!

New & Noteworthy: Workout Trainer app is featured in the iTunes App Store

We’re delighted to see that Skimble’s Workout Trainer app for iPhone & iPad is being featured in the iTunes App Store.  It continues to rank highly as a Top Free Health & Fitness app overall, which means we are thrilled to be helping millions of people get & stay fit every day.
How’s that new year’s resolution going? Get closer to your fitness goals with Workout Trainer.

That’s New and Noteworthy for us — thanks!

Cheers & good health,