Skimble Member Spotlight: Steve Pryor-Jones

Meet Steve Pryor-Jones, this week’s Skimble Member Spotlight!  Steve has been a loyal Skimbler since the beginning and has seen some pretty miraculous health changes over the last few years.  We got to ask Steve some questions to find out more about his Skimble experience.


What was your starting point versus your current fitness status?

 My starting point was obese, I smoked and had high cholesterol.  3 years later my cholesterol is so low I no longer take tablets, I no longer smoke and my fitness has improved beyond my wildest dreams.

What’s your next fitness goal?

Next week I’m going off for 4 days mountain biking in Scotland. I plan to do 4 big trail centre rides in 4 days. After that I start traing for my first try Tri in November.

What’s your favorite thing about Skimble?  

Never having to take another piece of paper to the gym, my workout and instructions are with me all the time.


Thanks for talking to us, Steve!  Good luck training for your triathlon and hope you’re using Skimble’s Workout Trainer and GPS Sports Tracker apps to keep you on track 🙂 

We at Skimble HQ get psyched when we find out that our members are going out and challenging themselves with monumental athletic feats.  If you are planning to participate in some sort of challenging event, and are using the Workout Trainer and/or GPS Sports Tracker apps to help you train, we’d love to spotlight you!  Please send us an email to if you’re interested.