A beautiful Android update for Workout Trainer!

Happy Fall everyone!  We’ve got an awesome new update in the Google Play store for all you Android Skimblers out there, and we think you’re going to get way more psyched about staying active with the changes we’ve made.

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First off, we revamped the entire shabang and gave it a more modern feel.  Check out the new look and let us know what you think in the new Community Forums, where you can chat about health & fitness topics.  Not only that, we’ve improved user profiles and friend-finding so you can expand your support network and stay motivated and fit with your friends!

The all-new dashboard view helps you discover the latest things to do, and you can now filter workouts based on your available time, target areas, equipment, and difficulty.  

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Get the update for Workout Trainer today in the Google Play store, and if you haven’t checked out this week’s Workout of the Week: Perform Better Challenge, you should do that too!  Let us know what you think in the Community Forums, or on Facebook or Twitter!  

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